Chelley Roy Empowers Through Her Writing, Coaching, and Entrepreneurship


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Chelley Roy Releases New Memoir and Hosts Chelley Roy Show

ENSPIRE Contributor: Katie Doherty

Chelley Roy is many things: a Black entrepreneur, author, life coach, CEO, and wardrobe stylist. More than that: she’s a wife, mother, and grandmother. Before all of this, she was the daughter of a crime boss. While Roy has experienced a life many of us couldn’t imagine, she has made her mark, despite traumas, challenges, and setbacks. 

After growing up in Washington D.C, she went to complete her education with a business degree in Computer Informations Systems from Strayer University. Today, she is the host of her own show, The Chelley Roy Show, which is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and uplifting entrepreneurs. 

Courtesy of Chelley Roy

Her new memoir, “The Making of A BO$$,” reveals her growing up as the daughter of an underworld crime boss, Lady D., and the challenges that came with her mother’s chosen profession. When Chelley was twenty years old, her mother was murdered. Her book details her journey of healing and success, which soon led to her becoming CEO and founder of the lifestyle coaching brand Get Tea Waisted.

Chelley hopes that readers will learn “that in life you will have adversity, some that may come with a set of difficulties. Through adversities, if you believe, persevere, and just stay focused, you too can come out on the other side still standing. Whatever you do, just don’t give up!” 

Courtesy of Chelley Roy

Roy has gained “a sense of peace, and so much more strength” after writing her book. She also believes she has discovered so much about herself during this process. After recounting the experiences and trauma, she learned that she “chose to keep pushing forward to overcome it all” which makes her very proud. She reflects on all she has learned while writing her book. “I would say I’ve gained clarity, closure, and healing.” 

Throughout her life, Roy has faced challenges, setbacks, and continues to inspire and uplift other women. For her, it’s her own personal experiences and traumas that “propel [me] to uplift and motivate women.”  For Roy, she says “I see so much of myself in a lot of my sisters and I know all too well how it feels to be uncertain, afraid, and unsure of the future due to life’s current circumstances at times. I know how it feels to be hopeless, and fearful at times. So, my own personal experiences ‌motivate me to motivate and uplift others to push forward.” 

Courtesy of Chelley Roy

Roy reflects ‌on her childhood and even with all the challenges she faced, there have been many moments of pride she’s had for herself. Roy says, “from where I come from, there are so many proud moments for me. If I had to name one, it’s simple and it would be, just NEVER giving up.”

Both the good and the bad moments are what she needs to ‌see how far she has come: “There were some very dark moments for me ‌I have been able to overcome. I’m reminded daily that never giving up ‌got me where I am today.” In the future, Roy says she sees herself being a syndicated talk show host, as well as a celebrity wardrobe stylist. Even more‌, she wants to “make people look and feel beautiful one day at a time.” 

Chelley defied all the odds stacked against her and persevered against trauma, abuse, and major setbacks. Her resilience has allowed her to help inspire, motivate, and uplift women through her coaching, writing, and styling. Through it all, Chelley Roy has remained a multi-talented figure who empowers everyone to overcome life’s obstacles. 

For more information on Roy, check out her website or her Instagram!

Courtesy of Chelley Roy

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