Dr. Lana J Ford Creates Strides in Hearing and Speech Industry


( ENSPIRE Interview ) Audiologist Dr. Lana J Ford Keeps Our Favorite Entertainers in Good Health and Hearing


Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford, fondly known as Dr. J, is making strides within the healthcare industry, specifically within hearing and speech. Her newest venture is JRUMZ, which specializes in luxury, custom, hearing health-conscious earphones made especially for music culture. These headphones allow people to “hear what makes them happy” and are made for all music lovers. Her mission is to use her determination and resources to help others by offering early intervention strategies for individuals with communication disorders. 

Not only is she known for JRUMZ, but she’s also the founder and CEO of Joseph-Ford Enterprises, High Level Speech & Hearing Center. She is a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare industry who continuously serves as an advocate for musicians’ health in New Orleans and beyond. Some of her notable clients include world-renowned music artist Drake and musical group Tank and the Bangas. Joseph-Ford Enterprises is a global economic development firm that invests in real estate, small businesses, health, and technology. In doing so, she hopes to cater to all when it comes to her service and her work in hearing and speech. 

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ENSPIRE spoke with Dr. Lana J Ford about JRUMZ and future plans.

JRUMZ helps make music more accessible for all. Where did you find the inspiration?

My inspiration came from patients I’ve seen over the years. Musicians and artists come into the clinic at least once or twice a week, needing solutions for performing on stage. Many times the options that they have are not always applicable to the environment that they will perform in. I felt that being an Audiologist having the expertise in hearing and sound, we can create something that would pay for the specific needs of people no matter what their budget is and no matter what their lifestyle is.

It’s inspiring to read how you have used your resilience after being bullied as a child for your hearing difficulties and speech impediment to help others. Have there been any other challenges you have faced? What kinds of challenges does being an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry bring?

To be honest, being a woman of color in the healthcare industry is difficult. It’s also difficult owning your own business in the healthcare industry being a minority female. The healthcare industry is a male-dominated industry, so it’s always great to know that I’m making an impact in the community as a woman of color.

Courtesy of Nyejah Bolds

It’s inspiring to see how many investments you have started and taken part in. What have you been most proud of so far? Where do you hope to go from here?

I would say the investment that I’m most proud of is my Clinic High-Level Speech and Hearing Center, it has so much meaning to me. Sweat equity is worth so much more, and the impact that we have in the community allows me to help families far beyond my everyday reach. Allowing children to have better grades, providing options to the elderly to communicate better. Making an enormous impact on people from different walks of life.

If you were talking to someone who was hoping to become an entrepreneur or make a career in the healthcare industry, what would you tell them? What kinds of tips and tricks have you learned along the way?

I would tell anyone looking to become an entrepreneur to just start. You will never have all the answers and you will never have everything you need in order to feel comfortable enough to start. You have to be creative in the ways you get things done. The sooner you start the sooner you will master whatever industry you’re trying to be successful in. Regarding tips and tricks, there are no tips, there are no tricks, it’s just pure hard work, sweat equity, and creating a positive impact.

Courtesy of Nyejah Bolds

What are your plans for the future and if there is anything else we should keep a lookout for? What do you envision in a dream world? What kind of world do you see for everyone, especially with the important work you do?

Simultaneously, when I started JRUMZ Ear Wear, I also started The Dr. Lana Joseph Foundation. This foundation is set up to assist youth in arts and entrepreneurship. I hope to bring up opportunity, knowledge, and education to kids to let them know that they have options in order to achieve success. The foundation will partner with National Artist and National Brands to bring education to youth and underserved communities to empower them to grow to their maximum potential.

Courtesy of Dr Lana Joseph-Ford’s bio: https://www.drlanajosephford.com/

As a dynamic health professional and leader in her industry, Dr. J is truly pushing culture forward through hearing and speech. Her positive impact allows all music lovers to enjoy accessible music and help people live healthier and happier lives. Dr. Lana J. Ford and her team offer an array of helping those with communication disorders such as state-of-the-art speech therapy, voice therapy, ear examinations, hearing tests, hearing aids, and custom earmolds. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment and aspires to promote health care on a national level, making her an impactful and inspiring entrepreneur dedicated to putting people first.

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