Rising Singer & Songwriter,  MARIAH. Releases New Single, “Material Girl”

MARIAH. Material Girl
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( ENSPIRE Music ) “Material Girl” Has Ranked in The Top 10 of Urban Influence R&B and Soul

ENSPIRE Contributor: Rosemary Gonzalez

MARIAH. R&B singer and songwriter, has released a new single, “Material Girl”. The 25-year-old vocalist has been singing since the age of five and her latest track, “Material Girl” spreads a message about self-love, from the viewpoint of a “woman at crossroads.” “Should she let materialistic, superficial things drive the relationship?” or should she focus on the things that can’t be bought? “Material Girl” blossomed from a place of lived experiences and has been climbing up R&B charts.

“Material Girl”, which was written by Mariah D. Hester and produced by Tony Nicholas has ranked in the top 10 of Urban Influence R&B and Soul Charts and #30 in Billboard Charts. MARIAH. is a young star who is gaining popularity and takes pride in her individuality and unique voice. 

Photo courtesy: MARIAH.

ENSPIRE spoke to MARIAH. to find out more: 

Can you tell me about yourself? 

 I’m 25 years old, God-loving and God-fearing; hailing from the top of the boot- Shreveport, Louisiana! Named after my great-grandmother, Mariah “Sadie” Diggs, my passion for music has existed since childhood. I grew up heavily involved in the performing arts and gymnastics, and knew early on that I wanted to sing. Getting an education was important. I graduated in three years with my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Northwestern State University College of Nursing and School of Allied Health in Natchitoches, La ; (Fork Em’ Demons!) and simultaneously pursued passions of music and medicine. I’m a registered nurse in my local community- specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care. I’m also a member of THE Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated!

What inspired the creation of “Material Girl”?

God has given me the ability to write from what I like to call lived experiences. Everything I write is an occurrence in the journey of my life, and I pray my experiences to help someone along with theirs. “Material Girl” was written from the perspective of a girl at a crossroads. Should she let materialistic, superficial things drive the relationship? Should she allow gift giving to be the only love language provided to her? Those questions came from a place of realizing what was missing in the relationship- loyalty, time, love, patience, teamwork. She understood that what mattered most couldn’t be bought. I’ve been there. It wasn’t right for me, and I chose to walk away.

What was the experience of collaborating and producing the song?

Edwin “Tony” Nicholas was and is an absolute joy to work with! He’s deeply respected in the industry, and his discography and a lengthy list of accomplishments are unparalleled. Even though, Tony is uber-gifted with proven longevity in the industry, he listened to my thoughts, ideas, and pushed the production of the piece to new levels. He allows me to be me! For that, I am forever grateful.

What message do you hope listeners take with them when listening to “Material Girl”?

After listening to “Material Girl,” I want people to realize that gift-giving can indeed be a beautiful additive in a relationship. However, it should not be used to cover wrongs, mask shortcomings, or serve as the foundation of the relationship. Items become worn and outdated. Things disappear. True love, patience, and endurance last a lifetime.  

Photo courtesy: MARIAH.

You come from a family of musical background, as your mother, Sonya Hester, is a gospel icon. How has that helped or hindered you from being your own unique artist?

Coming from a family of musically inclined individuals, such as my mother, has only enriched me. I’m better in so many ways because of that! She’s a minister of music at our Church and has written for her share of gospel artists. God has blessed me to have a built-in motivator, rigid vocal coach, and mediator in my mother; who has always encouraged me to own who I am. Mom taught me that God had a unique purpose- just for me! My sound gives a nod to my gospel music roots while incorporating my own elements. I’ll always be true to who I am- taking the strength of my experiences with me. My relationship with God and gospel music roots is that strength.

What are some challenges you have faced within the industry as a young rising artist?

It can be difficult to remain true to yourself when that may not be “the trend.” Trends come with changing viewpoints, followers, and subscribers- things most artists seeking to make names for themselves chase. As new artists, we sometimes forget that what sets us apart can often be our greatest asset. Trends change and so can the viewer/listener’s feelings and attitudes. Understanding that my uniqueness is an asset was a struggle for me in the beginning. Once I realized that I was set apart for such a time as this, I owned my authenticity- just as I was taught.  

 When you are not making music, what is Mariah doing?

 When I’m not making music, I’m taking care of premature and chronic babies at my local NICU. I also serve on the worship team at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church here in Shreveport. I love spending time with family, friends, and my chihuahua- Chance! 

MARIAH. continues to work on her passions and says the best is yet, to come! To stay updated with MARIAH. follow her on social media for upcoming events, new music, videos, and performances!

Photo courtesy: MARIAH.

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Instagram: @MyNameIsMariah

Twitter: @TheMariahHester

Facebook: /MariahHester

TikTok: @MyNameIsMariah

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“MATERIAL GIRL” is now playing in these markets: Buffalo, NY |Toledo, OH |Little Rock, AR |Austin, TX |Washington, DC |Augusta, GA |Oklahoma City, OK |Atlantic City, NJ |Atlanta, GA |Columbus, GA |Music Choice R&B Soul |SiriusXM Heart & Soul