Shaquana Miller Creates Beauty Brand for the Modern Woman


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Shaquana Miller Recognizes Modern Women Are Busy Women and Has Created a Luxe Skincare Brand to Fit Their Needs

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

Former volleyball star and coach turned beauty entrepreneur Shaquana Miller has taken her passions and created a luxury brand. Miller understands ‌modern women are busy women: stay-at-home moms, working professionals, and everything in between. These women might not have the time for an extensive and committed skincare routine, which is why Miller & Co. Aesthetics makes it easy. 

Miller & Co. offers a wide range of services. These include lash extensions and services, brow services, and body waxing. Their team of professional beauticians is well equipt and ready to perform a wide range of services within these categories. All the while, Miller & Co. creates a luxe and welcoming environment so that clients never feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Photo Credit: Shaquana Miller

Shaquana Miller recently told us more in an interview:

Tell us a bit about your journey! What inspired you to start Miller & Co. Aesthetics, and what have been the struggles and successes along the way?

I enjoy the beauty industry and how it makes people feel and look so I knew ‌I would build a business in the industry at some point. My career started in sports and coaching but I knew I was ready to pivot into my beauty business full-time. Although I loved what I did prior to my business, I knew I wasn’t the typical 9-5er. I wanted something I could call my own, I needed more flexibility, and of course, I needed to make more money to support my lifestyle. Plus, I had a passion for helping women see the beauty in themselves and complimenting their natural looks. And Miller & Co. was born.

It’s a constant evolution of what you learn and do which is exciting but requires a lot of time. Struggles are making sure clients are retained. It’s a lot of networking and connecting to build a clientele base but when you love what you do, you push through because you know success will be yours. 

What has been the most important lesson you have learned at any point in your journey?

Understanding that it is a constant journey and embracing it. There are a lot of highs and lows. It’s important to make sure that no matter what the circumstances or situation I mentally prepare for what’s to come and learn from your past experiences.

How would you describe the atmosphere during a typical appointment?

At Miller & Co, we create a luxurious experience for our clients each and every time. Our space is clean and the aesthetics embrace a peaceful and calming environment to ensure our clients are relaxed and feel welcome.

What is the biggest thing you want your clients to take away from their appointment?

There are two things: how we make them feel throughout their entire experience and leaving happy about the results they receive from the services they booked. I’ve learned from experience that these two things are what build our recurring clientele and referral base.

What has your experience in the beauty industry been like as a Black woman starting and running her own business?

Being a Black woman in this industry isn’t easy. Being a Black woman in this country isn’t easy however we always make a way, figure things out, and still continue to succeed in our journeys. We aren’t always accepted in this industry. But now, we are creating bigger and accepted beauty brands that are not just surviving but thriving and experiencing a level of success like never before. 

We still have to work twice as hard to be accepted even when our products, services, and brand may be a better fit than others that don’t look like me! There are things in place that make it slightly easy to succeed and for that, I’m grateful and excited for the future of Miller & Co. 

Photo Credit: Shaquana Miller

With all the hustle in modern women’s daily lives, it is important that we make time for ourselves and our self-care. Miller & Co. strives to meet women halfway, creating a luxury experience without demanding too much time. 

To learn more, visit the Miller & Co. Aesthetics website!

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