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( ENSPIRE Music ) Nite Bjuti Self-Titled Debut Album, A Trio of Afro-Caribbean Women

ENSPIRE Contributor: Camila Lizardo

Nite Bjuti, an Afro-Caribbean female trio. the trio will release their self-titled first Album soon, which consists of 11 different tracks. Using a Multi-Genre Approach and Multimedia Experience to Re-discover Buried Beauty that Transcends Generations. This first album, which Whirlwind Recordings will release on July 28th, has a specific concept. This album enhances the jazz legacy in an original and modern, Also, focuses on exploring the spiritual complexity of Black life.

The Name Nite Bjuti is taken from the old Haitian folktale “Night Beauty,” which tells the story of a girl whose bones start to sing in the afterlife as her soul searches for justice. The band is composed of Candice Hoyes, Mimi Jones, and Grammy-winner Val Jeanty. Together, the trio tries to find the hidden Diasporic beauty in the world, which transcends generations, using voice, bass, electro-percussion, turntables, Haitian drums, dance, and visual projections. 

Nite Bjuti

In particular Nite Bjuti’s album explores themes of liberation and self-determination through historical allusions, acidic electronic howls, and gossamer bass textures. In Fact, Nite Bjutie explores the wild aspects of their collective sound discussions, Along, with Their innovative multi-genre approach to jazz, that also incorporates blues sensitivity, percussion, electronic rhythms, bass textures, vocal sampling, poetry, and dance, above all is incredibly fascinating.

Nite Bjuti’s upcoming album is highly anticipated. Without a doubt the trio is able to create an intimate sense of community and make fans feel a sense of connection. Additionally, The group’s creativity and originality can be highlighted by playing some of their previous tracks. The trio’s collective effort is unmatched. This album will live up to the promise of Nite Bjuti and their creativity. We are very excited to listen to this debut album, which will be released on July 28th of this year.

You are welcome to follow Nite Bjuti on Instagram if you want to learn more about them. You can pre-order their album on Nite Bjuti by Nite Bjuti.

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