Meet the Brother Duo Behind the Musical Sensation 80 Empire

80 Empire
Meet the Brother Duo Behind the Musical Sensation 80 Empire

( ENSPIRE Music ) The Multi-Platinum 80 Empire is Making Music To Encourage People During The Pandemic

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keith Alexander Lee

80 Empire is a hip-hop artist duo whose unique musical style is influenced by jazz, soul, opera, and blues. They have solidified themselves as one of the up-and-coming musical artists, amassing over twenty-eight thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. The versatile music duo works in all facets of the music industry. Not only are they Juno-nominated singers, but they are also songwriters and producers who are true to their music style. Over the past 5 years, the brothers have worked together with giants like Jadakiss, Kxng Crooked, DMC, and more.

About the Brothers:

The phenomenal hip-hop duo Lucas and Adrian Rezza are second-generation Italians who grew up in Canada. Staying close to their roots, the brothers have made Niagara-on-the-Lake the base of operations for their record label, Gladiator Records. Growing up just 30 minutes away from Toronto has profoundly impacted the Rezzas both culturally and musically. 80 Empire formed their unique artistic voice from the neighborhood they grew up in. The accomplished artists also find inspiration from the immense support of their families, as well as through hardships and adversities.

Courtesy of 80 Empire

Adrian explains their wide range of artistic endeavors with the following statement: “We can make music for every generation. We’re less worried about following what everyone else is doing, of course, you listen and pick up on new ideas, but we want to go in our own lane. That’s why one day we’re working on a film score and the next Swifty McVay is rapping on our beats. The only risk in life is not taking one.”

The Brothers’ Time in the Pandemic:

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brothers are back at the forefront, rapping and singing their own songs along with collaborations. During this time, they have released their debut album “Legacy”, featuring their single about Black excellence called “Legacy”, as well as a single about life during COVID called “Fit In”. More recently, 80 Empire also released a new album called “Anthems and Icons”. In this album, they highlight their experience with COVID-19 in a song called “I Ain’t Looking Back.” The Rezzas had contracted COVID which resulted in Adrian being hospitalized for a month. The hip-hop duo hopes that this song will inspire people to never give up even during their darkest hours.

Courtesy of 80 Empire

80 Empire has no doubt risen to being known as one of the prominent hip hop groups. The brothers’ music denotes positivity and hopes to spread uplifting messages during these trying times. Especially during a time when we are all displaced into the new reality of coexisting with COVID, it is even more important that we are all doing what we can to keep helping and supporting each other. I, for one, cannot wait to see what more the Hip Hop duo will bring to us in the future. Stay tuned for all news regarding 80 Empire’s upcoming projects!

To learn more about the brothers and their record label, visit Gladiator Records on their website.

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Courtesy of 80 Empire

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