Rising Star Josh X. Latest Music Video for Single “HENNY & HIGHGRADE”

Josh X.
Josh X. Releases Official Music Video for Single “HENNY & HIGHGRADE”

( ENSPIRE Music ) Multitalented R&B Singer Josh X. Celebrates the Lifestyle His Success Has Brought Him Through His Single “HENNY & HIGHGRADE”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keith Alexander Lee

Following his meteoric rise in the music industry, Josh X. continues to push forward striving to achieve even more. The official music video for his recent single “HENNY&HIGHGRADE” is now out for everyone to enjoy. Not only did Josh X. write the song, but the musical prodigy also directed the music video alongside Dream Digital.

Josh X. is a Haitian American artist, whose single “I Miss You,” landed in the top 20 on Billboard’s R&B Chart. He also created multiple tracks featuring Hip-Hop giants like Jadakiss and Rick Ross. Additionally, Josh also worked alongside multi-platinum producers and artists such as Jerry Wonder and Birdman, as well as Swizz Beatz. He can also be seen featured in none other than Cardi B’s songs “Selfish” and “Heaven On My Mind.”

Courtesy of Josh X.

About Josh X.

Josh X. was introduced to music at a young age and began learning classical piano at the age of six. While the Haitian American singer practiced music classically, he has always had an affinity for R&B. Brian McKnight is one of his earlier influences. This fascination led him to learn more about the genre in college, and Josh was instantly hooked. While the classically trained pianist made the switch to R&B, the soothing classical vibes still live within his music.

About His Single “HENNY&HIGHGRADE”

Josh X. wrote “HENNY&HIGHGRADE” during his time in LA. When he heard DJ Swanko’s beat, he instantly knew he had a hit in his hands. In the Song, Josh X. recounts the success he has had in his career thus far. The song takes us on a journey to experience the lifestyle his success has brought to him and his loved ones.

Courtesy of Josh X.

Outside of R&B

Aside from being an accomplished musician, Josh has dabbled in acting when he played Derrick from the TV show Sister’s Keeper. He also takes time out of his busy schedule to give back to the community by opening nationwide music centers. Josh hopes to give the youth across the country an outlet to deal with the pain that comes with being from a broken family.

Above all, Josh is also a loving son to his mother and a religious man. During Josh’s time in college, his mother fell ill from heart issues. He worked hard to ensure he can be in a position to provide his mother with the best care possible. The budding artist was soon signed and was able to help his mother through the tough times. He believes that this experience has not only made him stronger but brought him closer to God as well.

Courtesy of Josh X.


Josh X. is undoubtedly a talented artist across many disciplines. But most importantly he is more than willing to share his success by giving back to the community. Be sure to keep up to date with the young virtuoso’s upcoming tracks as he plans to release his new single, “One Nightie”, this spring.

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