Tony Jackson, Financial Expert Talks “Increase, Protect, and Dominate Your Money”


( ENSPIRE Feature ) On a Mission to Help Families Build Generational Wealth, Tony Jackson Releases New Powerful Book

ENSPIRE Contributor: Claya Davis

Tony Jackson, appropriately nicknamed “The Real Money Coach,” is determined to provide readers with strategies and information that will help them create budgets, save, and improve their financial literacy. These are topics ‌he addresses daily with his clients at The Real Money Coach LLC. Through The Real Money Coach University, his own life experiences and upbringing motivate his mission to improve other people’s relationships with money. 

During his childhood in Muskegon, Michigan, Jackson recalls growing up in a household with little financial literacy or transparency. While both of his parents worked very hard to provide for their family, his father possessed only an 8th-grade education and worked in a factory for 38 years. His mother had her GED and worked in a hospital.

Credit: Tony Jackson

“My first recollection of money was seeing my dad get off work at the factory,” Jackson recalls. When he was paid, he would get a paper check, cash it and then come home and count the money on the table to my mom. Then, she would take it and pay the bills. That was it. They didn’t have credit or anything, they just worked and paid everything in cash.” This system prevented his family from accruing additional wealth or building any kind of credit.

Intent on breaking the cycle, Jackson pursued an Accounting degree at Western Michigan University on an academic scholarship. This decision provided him with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure a job as an accounting supervisor at a leading insurance company. At 27, he was certainly a rising star at his company, but the death of his mother served as a rude financial wake-up call. 

Credit: Tony Jackson

“We were sitting at the funeral home going over the costs and my mom had six life insurance policies,” Jackson remembers. “The actual director of the funeral home tells us that none of those policies are going to pay. I told my dad that me and my uncle would pay for it and he said ‘you will not pay for your own mother’s funeral. If I have to get a loan against my house, I will do it!”

Continuing, he recounts, “that is when I realized there was a great miseducation in our communities as it relates to money. Here I am with my dad and he has to borrow money from the house he built with his own hands to pay for the funeral while living off of Social Security and worker’s comp.” 

Realizing that his experience was not unique, Jackson committed himself to educate Black families in similar financial situations by providing them with resources so that they could build the generational wealth and credit that his own family lacked. As the pandemic and the financial burdens that it created continue to linger, Jackson views it as his responsibility as a financial advisor to guide others, which is why he titled his book “Increase, Protect and Dominate Your Money.”

Credit: Tony Jackson

Through reading his book, Jackson believes that readers “will be empowered to save and budget, eliminate debt, have the proper insurance, proper estate planning, and will.” 

For more information on Tony Jackson and to purchase his book, “Increase, Protect and Dominate Your Money”, visit his website and

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