Waterless MediPedi Spa: Letisha Royster is Changing Foot Care


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Letisha Royster Takes Nail Care To Another Level With Her Pedicure Products and Services

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

When going to a spa to treat your feet, you may picture luxurious water-based services. Waterless MediPedi Spa works differently. This Atlanta based medical holistic nail spa doesn’t use water-based treatments. 

Our busy everyday lives don’t give us the time to focus on our health care. Many of us may think health care is about dieting, exercise, and sleeping 9 hours. However, feet are also an important part of the body that deserves pampering.

Letisha Royster

Letisha Royster is a certified advanced nail tech and master pedicurist. She is a holistic health educator. Letisha created an eco-friendly environment for her nail clients.

Letisha Royster took the time to answer our questions regarding her elite spa:

Any specific services for people with diabetes or not?

“Whether you have diabetes or not, waterless services benefit everyone.” 

Why waterless? When did you envision this type of nail care, and how did it all begin?

“Waterless services are the most hygienic to receive for a manicure and pedicure. I envision providing waterless nail care for all while in school after becoming a certified advanced nail technician. During the advanced training, I learned about waterless manicures and pedicures to provide a safer environment and care for clients to receive, especially high-risk clients that have compromised immune systems.”

What interests and inspires you when it comes to nails?

“My interests and inspiration come from helping as many people to know about services that are going to keep them safe, making sure I can reach as many high-risk clients looking for special care with the priority of safety, and along with understanding their health conditions.”

Any future plans on bringing waterless nail care to a new level? 

“In previous years, I have sponsored and speaking engagements with diabetes associations and/or cancer survivor’s non-profits. In the future, I will continue to increase sponsorship opportunities to bring waterless nail care services for their members.”

What pedicure products do you have for clients?

“I created a footcare brand PEDI.CURED. It has products to use for pedicures at home or on the go, including foot files, foot creams, and foot soak. The products are made with natural and plant-based ingredients.”

Here is a sneak peek of the Waterless Oasis!

Want to explore the Pedi-cured products and waterless spa services? Go to Waterless Medi Pedi Nail Spa and find out the booking process and special treatments you can receive. Follow her Instagram for more updates on new products and services.


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