Natalie Jane Releases New Single, “Mentally Cheating”


( ENSPIRE Music )  Artist, Natalie Jane, Releases Single Receiving Six Million Likes

On July 15, 2022, 18-year-old artist, Natalie Jane, released her anticipated single “Mentally Cheating” via Capitol Records and 10K Projects. This relatable song by Natalie Jane is viral across TikTok, with six million likes, 115K pre-saves, and 25K shares. 

“Mentally Cheating” is a piano-based single along with Jane’s songwriting that is the start of the end of a relationship. The listeners heard this message, and it resonated with them as she mentioned that somebody had grabbed her attention that was damaging the relationship. 

Her use of social media has helped Jane engage with her fans and build a successful platform as a singer and songwriter. Among all her social media platforms, TikTok has been the one where she has received the most attention from her audience. Her original and heartfelt songs and cover versions have allowed her to connect with her viewers. Jane has received 1.5 million followers and over 40M likes on this platform. With her banger single, “Mentally Changing,” she plans to expand her audience and become the best next thing in the pop industry.

For her whole life, Natalie Jane has been passionate about music. With her bold and fearless lyrics, she has been able to describe the pain from heartbreak and the search for meaning in the world. Her dedication to music has allowed her to take her concepts about the world and place them into music. Jane’s vulnerability through her music and vocal talents has allowed her to create narrative through her music about life experiences that everyone goes through in their lifetime.

Courtesy of Natalie Jane

Listen to “Mentally Cheating” here.

Also, check out her site here to watch her music videos and visit all her social media platforms!

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