Dr. Jamisa Bennett Sets High Standards in Real Estate


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Dr. Jamisa Bennett Helps Women in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Succeed

ENSPIRE Contributor: Ava Girardi

Dr. Jamisa Bennett has become one of the most influential female entrepreneurs who have become a community leader in providing community members with the tools to receive financial literacy and learn the early stages of real estate. Bennett taught these essential skills to individuals by owning 27 deeds to mortgage-free properties through her company, Rosebud’s investments, named after her grandmother. This program was created to serve single and married mothers and provide them with the essential tools to understand ways to relieve their families from dependency on the system. 

With this, Bennett has also balanced being a wife, mother of four, and a servant leader and uses these personal skills from these roles in her career to help women balance both motherhood and wealth. Before starting her career, Bennett was born and raised in Philadelphia, where she spent her time striving to become successful and accomplished many achievements in a short ‌time. From an early start, Bennett had a calling when she first worked as an assistant to a real estate investor. Before starting her company in 2017, Bennett earned her Section 8 Landlord certification in 2015, and in a year, she could purchase her first home. She first started as a novice property owner, where she bought her first home from her grandmother. After creating Rosebud’s investments to become a Licensed Contractor, she returned to school to earn her Ph.D. in Business and Real Estate from Harvest Christian University.

Courtesy of Dr.Jamisa Bennett

Through these accomplishments, Bennett was awarded one of Philadelphia’s top most prominent investors. She also has spoken at TEDx and was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Today, Bennett serves as a role model for many women to those who want to live free of financial challenges or enter the world of entrepreneurship and investment. Bennett’s primary goal in her career is to teach people and allow them to get where she is today through hard work and dedication.

Through Bennett’s accomplishments and her company Rosebud’s investments, she wants to show women that with the necessary tools, one can learn the tools required to make a difference and start a new journey in your life. With the essential resources and teachings provided by Bennett, she wants women to learn what is needed to become educated in financial literacy and real estate to follow the same career path she did. Bennett wants to help create the same success she could achieve by teaching women who do not know where to begin in the beginning stages. Her platform and company help reach out to women needing services for financial freedom to own properties without dealing with the struggles of mortgages.

Courtesy of Dr. Jamisa Bennett

To learn more about Dr. Jamisa Bennett and her career journey, you can visit her Instagram @rosebudsinvestments or her site here.

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