The Moth has a New Card Game Perfect for The Holidays


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The Moth: A Game of Storytelling, Fun for Families and Friends, has Officially Hit The Shelves of Your Favorite Stores

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera

The Moth Presents: A Game of Storytelling, is an interactive card game where players use prompts and true stories to encourage lively conversations. The prompts are also used to spark creativity and improve public speaking abilities. The game was designed by the team behind The Moth is a storytelling nonprofit and podcast. For 25 years, The Moth has presented over 50,000 stories told live without notes to standing-room-only worldwide. 

The Moth Mainstage tour has featured, Elizabeth Gilbert, Hasan Minjah, Kathleen Turner, Malcolm Gladwell, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, John Turturro, Molly Ringwald, and many more. The Moth also has a Global Community Program, which develops and elevates true, personal stories from extraordinary individuals in the global south. Their podcast is also a People’s Webby Award Winner for Best Podcast Series. 

Photo of game cards

The game features over 300 story prompts on themes to spark stories. The themes include Love Hurts, Mama Rules, Busted, Fuel to the Fire, Lifelines, Hot Mess, Chemistry, Duped, and many more. The Moth Presents: A Game of Storytelling can be played with friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and roommates to connect and have fun making people laugh, cry, think deeply and reimagine the world.

Photo of Game instructions

The cards can also prompt inspiration and conversation starters. The game can be played in four different ways. 

  1. All In: Using a prompt on a single card, everyone shares a story or a memory related to the same theme. 
  2. Getting to Know You: One card per player. Players will then take turns reading their cards aloud before sharing a personal story based on the theme or prompt. 
  3. Best in Show: Players pair up. Each team gets a card and swaps stories for 10 minutes. The duo decides which story to share with the larger group. 
  4. Competitive StorySLAM: Inspired by The Moth’s signature storytelling competition; players vote on the best story per round. 

The game officially went on sale on September 6 and is listed at $17.99. 

You can buy The Moth Presents: A Game of Storytelling at your nearest Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. 

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