1792 Whiskey Hosts “Studio 1792”: a Night of Whiskey and Conversation


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Whiskey Brand Hosts One-Night-Only Experience

ENSPIRE Contributor: Clarisa Crump

This week, Whiskey 1792 is hosting a livestream filled with music, conversation, and, of course, whiskey. In addition, the stream will be a one-night-only experience including music and intimate discussion. The livestream event will take place from 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. EST digitally via https://style.1792bourbon.com/studio1792. In this stream, viewers get unique access to exclusive conversations with Hip-Hop’s legends. 

Ralph McDaniels elaborates on Studio 1792: “Studio 1792 is a celebration of the road less traveled. Neither of our guests nor myself found success overnight. Getting to where they are today requires betting on themselves and the unknown, they could chart something new – better even. To me that’s what it means to be untypical, and why I’m excited to bring this experience to life with 1792 Whiskey.”

Ralph Mcdaniels, creator of Video Music Box

Along with this stream, there’s also a live performance by Sugartone Brass Brand, and an after-party DJ set with DJScratch. Also, viewers are encouraged to mix one of the specialty cocktails created for the event. Recipes, by chef Shannon Mustipher, include unexpected twists on classic non-bourbon libations such as the Lei’d Back, a take on Mustipher’s renowned classic tiki cocktails.

“In a world of traditional, rustic bourbon brands, 1792 proudly stands out as a modern and cosmopolitan offering,” says the vice president of global marketing at Sazerac, Sara Saunders. “From packaging to creative campaigns and everything in between, 1792 is sophisticated, distinct, and completely unexpected in American whiskey. That’s at the heart of what we’re celebrating with Studio 1792: those who are unafraid to do things a little differently, a little untypically… and the experiences that follow when you are open to those possibilities.”

1792© Whiskey is the untypical and award-winning whiskey.


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