Harlem Fashion Week Brings Cultural Explosions


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Harlem Brings Uptown and Downtown Styles to the Runway

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Harlem Fashion Week is celebrating season ten at the Harlem Parish, a central location for Harlem residence to attend. Tandra Birkett and Yvonne Jewnell presented an electrifying display of fashion creations and industry honorees. The event showcased emerging fashion brands competing for the Harlem Fashion Week Emerging Designer Award.

Honorees included Janet Rodriguez of So Harlem Inc., Egypt Ufele of Chubii Line, Ashley J. Sharpton of National Action Network, Billy Council of Councilhim Foundation, Business Coach Ellie Diopand, Fashion Stylist Ty Hunter and Harlem’s legendary fashion icon Dapper Dan.

Tandra Birkett and Yvonne Jewnell honoring legendary Dapper Dan of Harlem.

Some examples of what new Harlem Fashion names came to this event are:

Baayfall Hustler, Hennaflower Couture, Tiye Eliza, Live Now Clothing, and Monet by Liaa. Rhonda Taylor Gooden of Chez Laa Reine Boutique was selected winner for her Parisian chic, Chez Laa Reine Collection. A carefree, flowing, and fun collection of clothes that give the accomplished woman vibe. If you want to feel elite and confident these clothes will give you the ideal fantasy.

In February 2019, Rhonda took a leap of faith and opened her ladies’ boutique. Rhonda is the only African-American-owned ladies’ boutique established in Huntington Village, West Suffolk County, Long Island.

Rhonda Taylor Gooden: Chez Laa Reine Boutique

“To inspire women to feel their best by dressing their best is my form of therapy for revitalizing self-confidence and wellness. So, my boutique works as a conduit, which allows me to apply my training in sociology, and my enthusiasm for fashion; to better serve my community. It’s a blessing to have many talents unfold as a career in an occupation you love. I can apply my many talents with creativity in fashion.”

Harlem Fashion Week provides a sense of hope for many fashion enthusiasts through a series of events throughout fashion week. Some of these events include fashion finance coaching, industry panels, business workshops, and social networking opportunities.

The family duo, Tandra Birkett and Yvoonne Jewnell. Founders of Harlem Fashion Week celebrate season 10.

If fashion drives you and you work in that industry or want to be a part of the industry, Harlem Fashion Week is celebrated bi-annually and welcomes all fashion creators from anywhere. Bring your fashion to the historic Harlem Community in New York.

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