Beautiful Photos From Monet’s Garden Opening Night


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Opening Night of Monet’s Garden Results in Stunning Photos

ENSPIRE Contributor: Clarisa Crump

Be prepared for an entirely new, immersive experience with Monet’s Garden. Located in New York on the famous Wall Street, Monet’s Garden offers a unique experience to its viewers. Using state-of-the-art projection screens and multi-sensory technology to incorporate a “real life” feel into the exhibit. Viewers can expect a 360 journey through the minds of one of the world’s greatest painters, learning about his struggles and inspirations along the way. Dive into the span of works of Monet and witness the creativity that came from one of the greatest inspirations to modern art. 

The exhibit features three separate rooms to fully immerse and familiarize visitors with the famous painter. The elaborate installations and projections in each room are accompanied by music to elevate the illustrations. Making them come to life and turning illusions into reality for anyone who sets foot in these rooms. The first of said rooms is The Studio. This room offers deeper information about Monet and his painting techniques. Monet’s blindness and the destruction of his paintings are highlighted to create a setting of his eventful life, and development throughout. 

Photo Via Monet’

Next up is the room of Monet’s Garden. Inspired by the real garden in Normandy, this exhibit merges real and digital perceptions to further the immersion for the viewer. The garden landscape invites visitors to stand upon the bridge and take in the sights. This room is filled with vibrant colors and shadows, as shown throughout Monet’s works. 

Last, viewers have time to experience the Showroom. This room, by far, is the most immersive. Attendees can fully experience classic works such as “The Lady in the Green Dress” or “The Studio Boat” for a deeper understanding of the poetry within the work. The water lily paintings are also shown in this room and are presented as a finale to the incredible story of Monet.

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