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( ENSPIRE Music ) Mackenzie Sol Tours “H8 December” with Steve Aoki and Aviella

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabel Strickland

Mackenzie Sol is currently performing his latest song H8 December with Steve Aoki and Aviella in venues across Las Vegas. This string of performances is just the latest installment in a successful music and entertainment career that’s included appearances on X-Factor UK, starring in Netflix’s Airbud Pup Star, and opening for famous singers like Josh Groben, Jennifer Hudson, and Babyface. Therefore, Sol has become quite familiar with the art of performance in its many forms.

Mackenzie Sol describes his style as “a very pop sound with a hint of soul and mo-town.” He strives to make music that his fans can relate to and connect to. Sol says it’s a special thing when a song can make someone think of a specific time or person in their life, and he aims to create that effect with his songs. 

Sol originally wrote H8 December with DJ Slushii and Aviella. Sol previously collaborated with DJ Slushii on a track called After Midnight, which is available to stream on Spotify. The two remained close ever since, and H8 December was born out of this long-standing friendship. 

“Slushii called his friend Aviella about an idea for all of us to do a song together,” Sol said. “She drove over to see us almost immediately and we all sat down and wrote H8 December in 15 minutes and after that writing session, we knew we had something special.

Sol is excited to be performing the song onstage now alongside such talented artists. Performing in concert is an inherently different experience than performing while recording a track. Sol explains how he can express himself on stage in ways that he can’t in the recording studio. 

“In a recording studio you are concealed in a booth with no one around you except a couple of producers and writers, I can only be so creative with only my vocal cords,” Sol said. “When I’m onstage performing in front of thousands of people, the energy that comes off of the crowd allows me to be myself and interact with my fans. I’m able to take creativity to new heights and that honestly reminds me why I love what I do.”

Sol has been performing music for a long time. His parents were music-lovers themselves, which ensured his childhood was full of sound and life. They nurtured his creative talent and love of singing, which eventually culminated in his appearance on X-Factor when he was four years old. This performance brought his passion to a whole new level. 

“Being on The X-Factor gave me a lot of exposure, and made me realize I wanted to be a singer and do music as a long-term career,” Sol said. 

Sol doesn’t just use his voice for singing–he performs as a voice actor as well. This, too, was a passion Sol cultivated at a young age. 

“I’ve always loved acting. When I was living in the UK I used to watch family guy and try to copy the American accent,” Sol said. 

Sol signed with Osbrink talent agency when he was 12. Since then, he’s gone on to book the lead role in Netflix’s Airbud Pup Star. His other acting credits, according to IMDB, include Bucket List, Boys, and others.  Sol notes how performing on film or television can be different from performing on stage at a concert, each method of performing comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. 

“When I act, it’s really cool because I get to be someone else, I get to be a character and come out of myself and it’s so fun. With acting though, I usually have to stick to a script and stick within what kind of person (or animal haha) my character is and what personality they have. There is room to be creative, but not a ton,” Sol said. “When I sing I’m not playing any role, it’s just me. It’s just me, the stage, the microphone, and the fans. I feel like I can be myself and express my creativity because the people came to see me and that’s just an awesome feeling.” 

To keep up with Sol’s thriving career, you can follow him on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. Stream H8 December at this link to hear Sol’s latest collaboration with Steve Aoki, Aviella, and Dj Slushii.

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