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Malik McIntyre is bringing fashion forward with his brand called MCINTYRE. He began designing clothes at eighteen years old. He served in the Navy and kept his pursuits to do fashion. Malik has three collections Micasso, McIntyre x Choyce Brown, and Chaos. He has collaborated with many brands such as MADWORLD. Other collaborations include rappers such as Dreezy, Queen Key, Lil Mouse, Katie Got Bandz, Latto, and Asian Doll.

McIntyre is self-made and raised two hundred thousand dollars in capital (2021). He made thirty thousand dollars in sales from his TikTok presence because of his vulnerability. Anyone interested in learning fashion can tune into his Tik Tok posts and see his creative process live! We had the pleasure of interviewing Malik McIntrye to understand his fashion brand, clothes collections, journey, and creative process:


What three words describe your brand and why?

Colorful (I make all of my collections bright and eye-catching. Growing up I was very quiet and introverted so I used fashion to make my statements) 

Fun (I always try to create things that are out of the box and unique to the brand. There are millions of brands out there and I try to only put out pieces you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else)

Opulent (I invest a lot into making sure every piece is made with high quality. I view my brand as luxury, so it’s important for everything else to match the aesthetic I’m building) 

What inspirations do you take and apply to your runway designs and collections?

I love brands that aren’t scared to take risks and put a lot of color into their collections. (Moschino, ERL, Kid Super, Charles Jeffrey Loveryboy) 

Describe the inspiration for Chaos, Micasso, and Choyce Brown.

Chaos (Growing up in Chicago I would constantly see graffiti randomly just walking around the street and I was always very fascinated with it because I love bright colors. I put an abstract graffiti print on the interior of the coats in this collection and it really satisfied my inner child. When I first designed it, a few of my friends told me it was too loud and they wouldn’t wear it. I took the criticism, but I released it because I loved it and to me, that was all that mattered. When I posted the photos online, they went viral, and this is still my highest-selling collection)

Choyce Brown – when I first discovered Choyce on Twitter I was so amazed by her striking features. I designed the collection using a fabric that complimented her skin tone and I created pieces that accentuated her figure. 

MICASSO – ART. My first love was always art, I’ve never been good at painting but I’ve always appreciated the craft. When I discovered the paintings, the ideas came to me so quickly PICASSOly. I contacted Dakayla (the artist) and told her how incredibly talented she was and if she would allow me to use her art for mine. When she agreed I knew that this would be one of my best collections to date, and it is. High school is when my fashion journey began, so things you would see a school kid wear inspired most of the pieces. 


You served in the army while becoming a fashion icon, has the army inspired any future work or given you the creative flow you needed?

I can’t say serving in the NAVY has added to my creative flow but,  it definitely instilled discipline into me when it comes to putting in the work for my brand. 

What age did you serve in the military Navy and why?

18, I joined right after high school. I didn’t want to waste another second in my hometown. I knew I was meant for something bigger, and I was extremely ready to leave.

Explain to me your TikTok creative process, how does this benefit your overall design work?

I don’t put much thought into my TikTok content, I usually just press record and post whatever comes out. It benefits me, I’m 100% honest and genuine about who I am and what I go through, and people find it relatable. 

Who or what has been a great support through your creative design journey?

I’ve gained so much support from social media. Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. There are thousands of people that I haven’t met that root for me constantly, and whenever I’m having a rough day or I don’t feel confident, they pick me up. 

Any future projects that you are working on right now?

Last week I was invited to Paris Fashion week! This is a huge moment for me because there are very few black designers from Chicago who put collections on the runway in Paris. I’ve decided to use my city as an inspiration behind the 8-look runway collection. Chicago is mostly known for gun violence and innocent killings, but I want to change the narrative with the collection. I want people to see the good in the city: the art, the passion, and the creativity!


Mcintyre has brought the fashion industry to a more modern level. The aesthetics and message bring a statement to the future of the runway. For more updates on his fashion check out his TikTok, Instagram and go to his site.

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