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Keianna Williams is a powerhouse. She is a successful entrepreneur, a real estate agent, an author, a motivational speaker, and the owner of Lifestyle Exchange, a Health and Wellness Center in Atlanta, GA. Keianna is no stranger when encountering mental issues like anxiety, eating disorders, or trauma. For seven years, Keianna has undergone stress in the workplace, depression, financial hardship, and suffering health issues like postpartum depression after giving birth to twins. She went through a transition period of overcoming her obstacles day by day and finally found her motivation as a Health & Lifestyle Coach.

After working in the wellness industry for 17 years, Williams acquired a wide range of skills. Her experience has granted her a position to identify solutions for a diverse group of women and to guide them through different lifestyle changes effectively. In 2012, Williams began her first company, the Lifestyle Exchange, changing the lives of women by motivating and inspiring them to confront their traumas and become the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally. She spoke about the purpose of Lifestyle Exchange as “being specialized in helping women make the lifestyle changes to achieve their wellness and life goals. Not just by eating healthy and exercising, but by focusing on all aspects of life…relationships, self-love, self-care, career, finances, and having a positive mindset.” Not only does the wellness center help women achieve their goals and full potential for a healthy lifestyle but has a rigorous 30-Day Transformational Program that includes morning routines, affirmations, self-development, setting goals, detoxing the mind, and more.

Her company flourished as Williams found the resolution as clients enlist in the program and seek to improve proven by William’s testimony “I have women to this day who went through my program, and they are crying every time they see me, thanking me for changing their lives. One young lady launched her wine brand. I remember the day we first sat down and talked about it. Now, to see where she now completely blows my mind. This is how impactful my program is. I can’t take credit because God is using me as a vessel.” In 2020, Williams co-authored a bestselling book called “She Rises” with 15 other women from around the world who shared their experiences of battling challenges to become self-reliant, confident, and victorious in making their dreams a true reality. Keianna Williams has become an inspiration in her hometown of Atlanta for her leadership and the events she hosts throughout the year. Lifestyle Exchange has become not only a reliant resource for women who are battling silently or live in an area that doesn’t offer many services. Another book is set to release in Spring 2023.

What’s the best piece of advice for someone who wants to open a Health and Wellness Center?
If your dream and desire is to open a Health and Wellness Center, go for it! Even if you’re scared. God places our dreams and desires in our heart, and it is He who grants and fulfills them. We just have to believe. I would say that, like anything else, you want to be prepared by obtaining the right education and knowledge prior to starting your business. That may include a certification or degree, and/or work experience in the field. For example, my expertise comes from 17 years of experience working in health and wellness, a Bachelor of Science Degree (Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship), plus a holistic health practitioner certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. If you want something, you will do the work, just like anything else.

What are your favorite books and resources as a Wellness Entrepreneur? I enjoy personal development books and videos. As an entrepreneur, not just as a wellness entrepreneur, there are many challenges along the journey and it’s important to be well prepared to overcome those challenges. I believe the more you improve yourself the more you have to offer to others. This is critical in my field of work because I help women improve their lives.

What other services does Lifestyle Exchange provide? The Lifestyle Exchange offers individual and group coaching programs and online courses. In addition to coaching, I also host events, bootcamps, workshops and other programs throughout the year geared towards helping women to improve their self confidence, make important life/career transitions, and to strengthen their minds and bodies.

As a black woman in the wellness industry, what are some insights you can provide about managing self-care and balancing stress in the workplace? Women wear many hats. Many of us are wives, mothers and employees or business owners. We take care of our homes, which includes cooking, cleaning, taking care of the family when one is sick, and other responsibilities. It can be overwhelming at times. Managing self-care and stress is critical for our mental health and well-being. My advice to women is to make self-care a priority. Take time for yourself every week, whether it’s just an hour of alone time to read a good book or a full day of pampering. It’s a must! It helps us decompress, which helps us to reduce stress.

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