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Dr. Karwanna D is known for her assistance in providing information for small Black-owned businesses to generate wealth. She is a government contract strategist and expert and is the creator and owner of She’s Got Goals, LLC. Dr. Karwanna has helped over 200 businesses to generate an excess of $3 million and to grow in revenue. She’s Got Goals is a coaching and consulting firm designed to empower women in business. 

Dr. Karwanna provides people with opportunities to become millionaires. In 2022, she created more millionaires for small business owners in various communities around the country. Her goal is to have small businesses obtain knowledge and grow. Her tips include establishing your business, marketing, branding, building a website, and understanding your target market audience. Her app Trillion-Dollar GovCon Qualifier helps business wonders get pre-qualified government contracts. The app explains what government contracts you qualify for and what you need to be eligible for them. The app is available on Apple and Android. 

Dr. Karwanna D

Dr. Karwanna explains her creation of She’s Got Goals, LLC, tips on increasing wealth, her app, and so much more. 

Why did you decide to create She’s Got Goals, LLC?

She’s Got Goals, LLC was initially designed as a solution to inspire, educate and empower women entrepreneurs and those who aspired to become entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to succeed in business. 

I became the coach and consultant I wish I had when I was just getting started. In my eyes, women are the most powerful and brilliant people whose very nature enables us to wear and balance many roles in life as well within our families. 

When you add entrepreneurship to that, I know often we prioritize everything and everybody else and that often leads to us not reaching our full potential. 

As I broke through these barriers for myself, leveraging my business as a wealth creation vehicle while still being a mother, wife, sister, and all the other hats that many of us wear proudly, I wanted to create a community of mentors and other like-minded individuals to show the world how powerful women really are and just how much we can get done when we put our minds to it. 

I do coach both women and men entrepreneurs as my overall mission is to have a global impact in communities through business and entrepreneurship. 

But a personal goal of mine is also to help every woman entrepreneur create a million-dollar empire, so that she has something of her own. 

What are three important tips for increasing wealth in a business?

Three tips for increasing wealth in business are:

1. Don’t believe the myth that debt is bad. Borrowing is a wealth principle. It’s a key strategy to creating wealth that gives you leverage to invest in things that you wouldn’t otherwise can do. 

There’s a biblical story about Elijah and the widow that talks about how he came to her asking for bread. She had only had a little oil and a bit of flour left and was planning on baking her last piece of bread so she and her son could eat it and lay down to die. 

But Elija, who was sent by God told her to borrow the oil she needed and when she did that, not only did she have enough to feed him, but she had enough to feed herself, pay off all her debt, and still have overflow in the cupboards. 

What Elijah was teaching this widow was the principle of wealth. He showed her how to start a business using other people’s money. And that’s biblical so debt can’t be bad. It’s in fact good when you use it correctly. 

This is the exact strategy that some of the richest people in the world use. The Fords, The Vanderbilts…all of them borrowed money. And then they did the work to get a return on their investments. 

2. Make the decision to create wealth. It’s a conscious decision that you have to be intentional about and the action that you take must align with you getting that result. 

If you want to create wealth, you can’t spend money frivolously. You have to invest in assets and avoid liabilities. Don’t for one moment think you can save yourself to wealth. It doesn’t work that way. 

You have to take continuous action on purpose and ask yourself, who it is that you need to know, what you need to have, and who you need to pay to make it happen in the fastest possible timeframe. Doing these things will ultimately create a compound effect in the areas of wealth and prosperity. 

3. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals whether it be a coach, mentor, networking group, or otherwise. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to change your surroundings. 

Negative people will keep you broke. If individuals are not on the same wavelength or pathway as you are surrounding you, what you’re doing will not make sense to them and they will try to point out all the reasons you should remain the same. 

It’s not their fault. They just don’t know any better. Therefore, you can’t share all of your goals and dreams with everyone. 

But when you are in the room with other people who have either already achieved what you’re looking to achieve or are headed in the same direction as yourself, success rubs off in the overflow. 

What are five reasons a small business might not be doing so well? 

5 Reasons a small business might not be doing so well are:

  1. Your business foundation is broken. Everything starts with the foundation. If you build a building on sinking sand, it will ultimately sink. The same goes for business. 
  2. You don’t understand the marketplace or how to position yourself for success
  3. You may lack capital and the ability to finance the growth of your business. Most small business entrepreneurs think they can grow their business for free or with limited funds, but lack of funds = lack of leverage, and that also limits your ability to get your business off ground zero.
  4. You don’t understand the wheels of wealth and so your business is like a vehicle that’s sitting on crates on the side of the curb. In business, there are ideally 4 pillars that you must master to create wealth and they are business credit, personal credit, compounding assets, and premium buyers.
  5. You’re targeting the wrong clientele. Most entrepreneurs, when doing their target market research target individual people and their characteristics rather than targeting buyer markets and those who have the ability to buy with purchasing power.
Dr. Karwanna D

What does She’s Got Goals provide that will increase their chances of success? 

To increase the chance of success we actually designed a 5-Day Challenge that helps entrepreneurs address all the above problem areas. It’s a challenge created to help business owners get pre-qualified to do business with the #1 biggest purchaser of business products and services in the world. 

During this qualification process, we help you optimize your business foundation so that you’re able to attract premium buyers, qualify for funding, and learn about your marketplace and your worth for the services that you provide. In addition, you will learn the 4 pillars of wealth that will help you unlock multiple millions of dollars into your business when you do this right. 

It’s definitely a transformational experience that I believe every small business entrepreneur should take part in. 

Any specifics you can elaborate on? 

For instance. Most entrepreneurs don’t really know what they sell. In fact, many of them I find are leaving multiple millions of dollars on the table because they don’t understand how to unlock the value in their business nor how to demonstrate or communicate that value to potential clients. In my 5-Day Challenge, I show you exactly how to unlock that value as well as connect the value to pools of money that have already been set aside for small businesses. 

By the end of the challenge, participants can identify at least 9 million dollars in opportunities that they otherwise would not be aware of. 

Can you explain the navigation of the Trillion-Dollar GovCon Qualifier App? 

The Trillion Dollar Qualifier App is my first technology software designed to help small business entrepreneurs discover set-aside programs they qualify for to help them tap into the multi-trillion dollar spend of government contracting. 

It takes you through a series of questions based on your business and social economic disadvantages and spits out a checklist of what you need to have to get started with government contracts and a list of programs you can apply for to help you add 6 figures or more to your business bottom line in the next 6-12 months or less. 

She has written a book called Don’t Duck the Government, They’ve Got Your Money.

What is ‘Don’t Duck the Government, They’ve Got Your Money’ about?

My book Don’t Duck The Government, They’ve Got Your Money, it’s all about how to make millions pitching and winning government contracts. I reveal insider secrets, tips, and resources about government contracts, how it works, and how to find who’s buying what so even a beginner can get started seamlessly. 

You can find out more about She’s Got Goals LLC on the site. If you are a business wonder and would like to use the app go check out the Apple store and Google store. To explore the 5-Day Challenge go to GovConChallenge.com. For more updates and advice on how to grow a small business go to her Instagram and Twitter.

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