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( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) AYME Podcast: How to Juggle Parenthood and Business

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Wes Watkins, Dorian Purnell, and Eric Lowery have a Podcast called AYME that discusses uncomfortable topics through their own experience and opinion. One strong topic they have recently discussed is co-parenting. When you think of forming a healthy relationship, you immediately think of romantic or friendship. Although those kinds take effort, love, and respect, co-parenting takes much more. These three men are honest, vulnerable, and direct when discussing their own life experiences. They explore the tools and resources only some have to create a good co-parenting relationship. This is just one of many future taboo topics to come. 

Wes Watkins is a celebrity drummer for Got My Own Sound, a father, an author, and an entrepreneur for Sirius Company. Dorian Purnell is a barber, entrepreneur, author, and CEO of Fade 4 The Grade non-profit. Eric Lowery is a father, husband, and owner of Connexion Clothing and COO of 90/10 Fitness. Each man has experience and stories to bring to this discussion, and I assure you it’s a welcoming atmosphere and a safe space they bring. The host (Wes Watkins) has given us a better insight into how AYME started, what is their overall goal, entrepreneur tips, and parenthood.


How did the creation of the AYME Podcast occur?

The creation of the AYME Podcast occurred while I (Wes Watkins) began writing a book on co-parenting along with my son’s Mother. The idea of being able to have uncomfortable conversations, help parents navigate through tough situations, and challenge them to be better for their children is a passion of mine.

Speaking on different co-parenting topics we face daily from a Male perspective is needed. I shot the show, and I had Dorian and Eric on the show at first as guests. The conversation and the perspectives they brought to the table were amazing. I called both of them right after the first episode and asked if they would join me as the Co-Host of the show. We have been pushing forward ever since.

What are the goals of this Podcast and what do you hope to achieve with it?

The goal of this Podcast is to be a resource for Fathers/Mothers to make better decisions, become a resource for help in any way, create uncomfortable conversations that lead to a change in the co-parenting relationship, help parents find accountability, and help build broken parenting relationships.

All three of you have successful businesses, any advice on how to create your own business for those who are just starting?

If you are just starting your business, you must make sure you keep up with the Vision. Never allow money to be your only focus. Figuring out the why? This will be the key to your being successful. You can’t allow someone who was scared to follow their dreams to discourage you from following your dreams. Make sure you have the patience and confidence when you decide to start your business. Everyone won’t always support you or have your back but it is up to you to stay motivated despite what it looks like. Be sure to write the Vision down and execute the best way possible!

What do you find the most challenging about fatherhood and co-parenting?

The most challenging thing about fatherhood and co-parenting is raising kids in this society. So much is going on in the world and our communities with the younger generation as a Father you get scared for your children when they are not in your presence. Especially while raising up young Black Men and Women. Seeing stories in the news of a child being murdered or kidnapped etc. will put you on edge.


What other topics will you be discussing in future AYME Podcast episodes?

There are so many topics we discuss on this show. Everything from child support, step-parents, and relationships to breakups, co-parenting, divorce, same-sex relationships, and co-parenting. The list goes on and nothing is off-limits.

Based on your first episode, why do you think co-parenting is such an ‘uncomfortable discussion’ for some?

There are a few reasons we think co-parenting is uncomfortable for some. Everyone has their own reason for being immature and doesn’t want to revisit past experiences that made them the way they are. People never want to hold themselves accountable because blaming the other parent is easy. An uncomfortable conversation will force you to deal with issues you don’t want to revisit and take accountability for your wrongdoings.

The AYME Podcast is a safe space for unforeseen issues regarding parental support, whether lacking or on top. There are uncomfortable topics that need solutions and they give their input on the matter. Their honesty and directness about parenting and the struggle of life’s obstacles make it a refreshing listen for those who may go through the same experiences. Whether you are a parent or running your own business, or co-parenting, having new perspectives and hard truths spoken aloud can be the wake-up call you need.

These three men are bringing a sense of vulnerability that isn’t often seen. Join this experience by checking out their podcast. For more information on new episodes airing go to the AYME Instagram. If you want to follow the three hosts and their personal businesses and lives go to Wes Watkins, Dorian Purnell, or Eric Lowery. View the first episode on their YouTube channel below.

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