APPLE TV+ Acquired Feature Film “SONS 2 THE GRAVE”


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The Tragic Film Made by Have Faith Productions Is Now More Accessible to Audiences Than Ever Before

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

Apple TV+ has just picked up a popular feature film from Have Faith Productions. The film is called “SONS 2 THE GRAVE” and it has already gained positive ratings from viewers. The co-founder and executive producer of Have Faith Productions, Sasha Stoltz has made an announcement saying, “It has been a long road, and we are blessed and humbled with the success of ‘Sons”. The film is out right now on Amazon Prime, Roku, and Tubi U in the US and Canada.

“SONS 2 THE GRAVE” is a film about Marcus Jennings, a basketball player in the NBA, who lived in Hudson. But on one tragic midnight, Marcus got shot in the head twice while crossing a footbridge. A horrifying murder was done to send a message of silence to the community, a message of gruesome bloodshed. This film is meant to tell the story of Marcus Jennings growing up in Hudson and facing difficulties leading up to that one tragic night. Have Faith Productions wanted to make this film to bring that story into the light and they have succeeded.

Lynne Stoltz hopes that people who watch the film will take away that we have a responsibility for each other, whatever side of the bridge we live on. “If you’ve watched the film, you know that the bridge is an important symbol. “We are our brother’s keeper” is more than a saying, it’s a responsibility that sometimes we must be reminded of.”

“Sons 2 The Grave” was inspired by actual events that led to a wider vision. We all hold certain preconceived beliefs of some, without truly understanding their circumstances. The young man in this case made poor choices for reasons that the film showed. “I believe everyone faces the consequences of their mistakes at some point, Marcus did. We didn’t defend them in the name of redemption. I don’t believe redemption is ours to give, but it was said “We gave understanding, not excuses to all sides.” I hope we did. The movie is dedicated to my husband Tony, who passed away before this film was made. Tony believed in the message and more importantly lived his life the same.”

It took a long time before HFP started shooting the movie in Atlanta. Events that took place in Toronto inspired the story. Stoltz spoke with people who lived and worked in at-risk communities about the choices available to them. What she heard in the stories from families, faith leaders, and teachers in these communities was the same. “There is no defense for making poor choices. It’s totally on you ‌but there are reasons to the “why” of those decisions.” “Sons” tells some of those reasons.

But even with the movie in production, Lynne Stoltz and her crew faced many challenges when shooting the film. “I wanted to shoot the film in Toronto, where I live, but that couldn’t be arranged and we could shoot in Atlanta, GA. Shooting somewhere that is not familiar to you has its challenges.” The creation of the film was a daunting task for the cast and crew, and it would have never been accomplished if it wasn’t for the incredibly hard work that everyone did to make their dream come true. “I am forever grateful to the cast and crew and our Production manager, James Tripp-Haith. We had an amazingly talented cast; a blend of new and award-winning, seasoned actors. While James Tripp-Haith was always on guard and supportive throughout the production. I am beyond blessed to have had actors and a producer who were truly attached to the vision of the film and believed it should be told.”

This movie would not be the movie it is without every member of the cast. Every single person was incredibly valuable in the production of this tiny film. “We are humbled by its success. From our leads, the unbelievably talented Trevor Jackson, who took up the role of Marcus Jennings and was exactly as visioned. Darren-Dewitt Henson who flew in from LA to take on the role of Det. Reynolds, giving an incredibly powerful performance. Brad James took on a new type of role for him and nailed it. Algee Smith, Atkins Estmond, Justin Martin, Ajiona Alexus, Demetria McKinney, Jahnee’ Castro, Keith Arthur Bolden, and of course, award-winning, seasoned actors, Greg Alan Williams and Maria Howell who were the centers that anchored this story through heartfelt performances, the expertise of their craft and the sensitivity they gave to a first-time filmmaker. Once the film was completed, we had a private screening with MLK111 and Arndrea King in ATL, which was truly an honor for us.”

Have Faith Productions (co-founded with Toronto publicist, and executive producer Sasha Stoltz) is moving on to the TV series, “HUDSON” which is taken from “Sons 2 The Grave.” HFP will also be doing three MOW’s, two from novels written by Lynne Stoltz called “Loud Silence” and “The Other Side Of The Bed”, both about strong women, and “Dropped Off”, a family story of how a group of misfit kids helps a ten-year-old overcome his grief and find his way home. “We’re going to keep writing and producing films that display the human fabric of all of us, even parts we don’t see and when we do, we don’t like. The toughest debates are always the ones you have with yourself. We hope that when our characters fall you still root for them to get back up. You don’t give up on them, as you wouldn’t an old friend. Faith, family, and friendship is incredibly important to me. Whether you rely on one or all or something completely different, it’s what you do when tested on those matters. That’s what makes our stories real.”

Have Faith Productions has done an amazing job bringing their film into reality. The whole cast and crew behind the film put full effort into their work, achieving success in the end. “SONS 2 THE GRAVE” has been placed on many streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Tubi U, and Roku for viewers to access and watch. This is not the end for Have Faith Productions as they plan to take on more projects in the future and they will continue to bring entertainment to many.


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