Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Success with Mathew Knowles


( ENSPIRE Business ) Learn the Secrets, Strategies, and Mindset from a Legendary Global Business Leader

We are excited to share with you an exclusive opportunity to learn the entrepreneurial secrets to success from a legendary global business leader, Mathew Knowles. With a track record of generating over $5 billion in multiple industries and spearheading iconic careers, including that of Beyoncé, Mathew Knowles has the expertise to guide you toward achieving your business goals. Join us for a high-value, interactive, 2-hour virtual session brought to you by Black Women Empowered, where you’ll gain invaluable insights, ask questions, and unlock the secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Mathew Knowles to Discuss a unique opportunity to learn the entrepreneurial secrets to success from a legendary global business leader.
On top of generating over $5 billion across multiple industries, being responsible for over $100 million in sales and acquisitions, and leading some of the most successful marketing campaigns ever with organizations like Pepsi, L’Oreal, Samsung, and many others, Knowles has been the architect of many
iconic careers, including Beyonce’ — who now is the most-awarded Grammy recipient in history.

It was his specific entrepreneurial formula, mindset, and lessons that created the above results, and now YOU have the opportunity to learn them for yourself and for your business. Brought to you by Black Women Empowered, in this high-value, interactive, 2-hour virtual session which includes a Q&A, you’ll

-The secrets to success every entrepreneur needs to know
-The single reason most businesses fail and what to do about it -The specific marketing/branding formula that dominates your market
-The characteristics every entrepreneur needs to know about for themselves and their team
-How to develop a team that performs, learns from failure, and remains resilient and persistent toward achieving your organization’s goals (and how to develop the same mindset for yourself)

-And much more, including an opportunity to ask Dr. Knowles your business questions and get a live answer

By signing up for this virtual masterclass, you’ll also gain a year of access to the Black Women Empowered Business Network’s Silver Membership. This gives you even more access to Dr. Knowles’ lessons and many other expert leaders in a variety of areas including entrepreneurship, marketing, relationships, empowerment, making money, success mindsets, and much more.

With your Black Women Empowered Business Network access, you’ll learn through modules, exclusive live sessions with Q&A, networking opportunities and more.

All the above for only $97 valued at more than $500.00 You simply can’t afford to not be a part of this event. Note: This is a virtual event. You will be emailed the link within twenty-four hours after purchase.
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