Here We Flo and Hanky Panky National Underwear Day Event


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Here We Flo Celebrating Empowerment and Sustainability

We had the privilege of being invited to the vibrant celebration of National Underwear Day earlier this month on August 1st, hosted by Hanky Panky and Here We Flo. The event was a remarkable ode to women and their individual moments, culminating in the upcoming National Underwear Day on August 5th. The evening was filled with captivating activations meticulously curated by the teams at Hanky Panky and Here We Flo.

Here We Flo, an inspirational force on a mission to challenge stigmas and revolutionize the period, bladder, and sexual wellness industry, stole the spotlight during the event. Founded by Susan and Tara four years ago, Here We Flo is where meaningful connections are sparked and candid conversations thrive. Their range of organic and vegan products, including tampons, pads, reusable period underwear, and condoms, is designed to empower individuals and encourage confidence during life’s most intimate and sometimes messy moments.

At the heart of Here We Flo’s mission lies a commitment to planet-positivity and inclusivity. Their journey has resulted in an impressive impact on both sustainability and wellness. Globally, Here We Flo’s efforts have prevented 17 million tampons/pads and over 2 million bladder pads from ending up in landfills. The innovative Flo pads alone have spared the environment the equivalent of a staggering 61 million plastic bags. Even in the realm of sexual wellness, Here We Flo shines as over one million people have contributed to environmental conservation through their use of plant-based condoms. A remarkable aspect of their products is the use of natural rubber condoms that biodegrade within a year, a far cry from the hundreds of years conventional condoms take.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Here We Flo’s identity. They proudly employ materials such as bamboo and sugarcane, championing plant-based alternatives. Their dedication to the environment goes beyond product creation—they offset CO2 emissions and actively seek to integrate regenerative practices into their supply chain. Sourcing Regenerative Rubber and harnessing solar power for production are just a few ways they push the boundaries of sustainability.

The event also served as a platform for Hanky Panky, a brand synonymous with intimate luxury. Through this collaboration, Hanky Panky exhibited their commitment to empowerment and the celebration of every individual’s journey.

The National Underwear Day celebration was a vibrant and meaningful gathering that echoed Here We Flo’s values of empowerment, confidence, and sustainability. We were proud to have attended and shared with others in this powerful event, which not only honors women but also amplifies the message of embracing every moment, no matter how messy or intimate. The partnership between Hanky Panky and Here We Flo truly signifies a new era in wellness and sustainability, inspiring us all to be more mindful of the planet while embracing ourselves.

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