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ENSPIRE Contributor: Margaux Jubin

In our fast-moving world, frequently dominated by constant stimulation and instant gratification, finding your purpose has grown to be an essential pursuit for many. Amidst the struggles brought on by the pandemic and societal pressures, many have begun their search for spiritual guidance. Those pursuing their spiritual path may gravitate to individuals like Alisha Chelsea Jones. Jones is a psychic and renowned lightworker whose mission is to empower those on their spiritual journey through her telling tarot readings and spiritual insight.

Alisha Chelsea’s story is one that resonates with artists and enthusiasts alike, a testament to the transformative power of creativity. From her early days experimenting with different mediums to her current status as a prominent figure in the art world, Alisha’s artistic evolution is nothing short of remarkable. Join us as we delve into the vibrant tapestry of her artistic journey, where each stroke of the brush and every stroke of inspiration has crafted a legacy that continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

How did you discover your intuitive abilities and decide to dedicate yourself to empowering others through spiritual guidance?

I have been a natural-born psychic all my life. It’s a scary process to learn and understand as a kid! As a kid, I would often tell those around me about my dreams and visions and slowly but surely people began to trust my guidance. I love helping people navigate hard times.‌ I love creative writing and journaling. In order to test my own intuitive skills as a child I began writing my predictions and then waiting for them to pass. As I moved into my professional career as a Social Worker my abilities were put to use to help abused children. Working in the foster care and legal system, I was forced to trust my gut and allow my intuitive abilities to play out accurately. In order to cope with the stress of the work environment that comes with being a Social Worker I became a yoga teacher. The yoga practice aided me even more as meditation and inward focus helped me harness my skills. From there my gifts became highly utilized- to counsel others, to lead yoga classes with intuitive messages, to write poetry books with channeled messages, to make music. The list goes on! Eventually, I started doing psychic readings for the public on Instagram, at local street fairs, and at private parties. In fact- I still love doing all of those things! But it took a great deal of trust in the Higher Power to even cultivate the joy my life has become! My life has not been easy- but my experiences have afforded me a powerful perspective and wisdom. I am immensely grateful to the Divine and know that I am simply a messenger. Some moments are beautiful and some are terrifying.

What inspired you to create Tricky Vibes and what is the significance behind its name?

The name is actually a nickname that somehow became a stage name! Back in college, I had a friend make a remark about my demeanor and he said “You’re always sending out tricky vibes” and it grew on me! “TrickyVibes” became my Twitter handle, nickname, and business name. It encompasses my essence. I like to have a bit of mystery about me. Often I have complete transparency about other people’s lives yet no one knows anything about mine! It’s like going to a therapist- you spill your life, I give my guidance, but a few weeks later you go “WHOA! She knows about me but I don’t know about her”….and I like that. I prefer my artistic ventures as an independent musician and poetry books I have published to speak for me and my personal experiences.

How do you approach your tarot readings, and what kind of transformation do you hope to bring about for your clients?

The Truth. Our world is full of people who don’t just say what needs to be said or do what needs to be done. Having the thought of changing your life, leaving a relationship, starting a business, or reconnecting with a certain someone is one thing. However, having a complete stranger advise you on the steps required to take your life to the next level with no prior knowledge of you or your desires is a whole different level! My reading style is straightforward, honest, and trauma-informed, but also encouraging. Most people are willing to change their lives if someone believes in them enough to support the next phase of their transformation. What better person to speak with than someone who has zero interest, biases, or control of the outcome or trajectory. I

wish the best for everyone, but part of my gift is that I am neutral in their life. Additionally, well-intended people in our lives may still steer us in the wrong direction due to their lack of understanding, limiting beliefs, or unwillingness to change. I am blessed to be a voice of reasoning that can pair with channeled advice that can only come from a higher source. Healing is the transformation. My focus has always been healing the conscious collective- from fear, doubt, shame, victimization, etc. We have to move from a state of feeling unworthy to worthy of all the joy and happiness we deserve. That path forward looks different for everyone. My goal is to help others navigate to where they are aligned to their highest selves.

Do you feel that spirituality has played a role in your business success?

Spirituality is my business. Throughout my adulthood, I had to come to terms with the fact that I am a uniquely spiritual being with an uncanny ability. Spiritual authority comes with heavy responsibilities- some that other people may not understand or will never see the light of day. I value ethical practices- with my clients. Each person I speak to has the potential to change the world. We all do. I value the strength, growth, and change in all forms. It doesn’t have to make sense, nothing sacred ever makes worldly sense because its not supposed to! Guiding people back to themselves in a world dedicated to making us all feel lost is rewarding work and I am blessed to have the clients that are sent to me. There are no accidents or coincidences.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs seeking a deeper connection with their higher selves?

Be still. Know your Truth. Honor where you came from. Trust yourself to do the work. You manifest with your mouth- so speak and move with intention. That’s just the start of the millions of things I want to say to the millions of people I want to help. Consistency comes from intrinsic motivation that is in alignment with your truest desires. Sometimes it takes a while for us to figure out what we TRULY want.

When I speak to entrepreneurs, I like to dig at the root of the issue- not just the “get motivated’ toxic positivity fluff that is often fed to us by the infamous IG posts and millionaires. We all want more time, money, and love- but how we get there and the desires that calcify to form our character is where I start my readings. Many people call about a relationship but may end up dissecting parts of their upbringing and how it shapes their every decision once we start diving into the real issues. My advice is to WAKE UP dig in. It’s very uncomfortable but also one of the most rewarding steps for you and your business. You can work very hard, make lots of money, have meaningful relationships, and still be unhappy and out of touch with reality. I would love to help anyone willing to change their lives. If you are the person who is fed up with their own BS then I am the one to speak with!

How do you integrate spirituality into your daily life, and what practices do you recommend for individuals looking to enhance their spiritual life?

Yoga, journaling, or any form of meditation of any kind will start you on your path no matter where you feel like you are. We are surrounded by endless clutter. Mental, physical, financial, spiritual even! Any single-minded focused activity does wonders for your mental clarity. Once you find your best way to get your mind clear you’ll begin to hear your voice. You have to integrate your true spirit into the joy of your life- which is a lot harder than people think. How often do we really listen to ourselves deeply? Writing, dancing, singing, and meditation are all ways that I tap back into me so that I may be a pure channel for others.

How do you address the skepticism or misconceptions that some people may have about tarot readings and psychic abilities?

As for the spiritual side of things- bad people do bad things.Whether its the teacher, the doctor, the preacher, anyone! The common misconception is tarot readers/psychics, etc are deep into black magick or other negative practices that cause harm. My life is quite the opposite.I do not dabble in darkness whatsoever. I honor Yahweh in all that I do. I have to keep my body and mind cleansed on all levels to maintain my skill set. Just as the Divine gifts spiritual skills…the Divine can also take them away if abused. Those who can’t back their spiritual business with a sound spiritual practice don’t last long.

I harbor no judgements towards those who are skeptical and I do not force myself or my work onto others. My people find me. My people are sent to me. Nothing in the Earth realm can prove that enough than the thousands of people I have done readings for already. Everyone is not ready for growth and change. And quite frankly- everyone doesn’t need to engage with psychics. It’s not in everyone’s highest good to receive information in this form. That’s completely ok!

I often remind people of my perspective and ask to see it from my point of view- can you imagine how hard it would be to “make up” this amount of information for this amount of people and not be publicly shamed if I wasn’t doing what I said I was doing? I am asked to prove people wrong for a living. That’s hard to do if you are a liar or a scammer. This business is one based on trust, truth, and accuracy. All of these need to be consistent in order to maintain a flourishing spiritual business. My life and my success speaks for itself. I do not waste time ‘proving’ myself to people who are dead-set on not ‘believing’ in these types of metaphysical practices.

8. How do you create a safe and welcoming space for those who might be new to these concepts?

I remind people that I am a normal person. I have a deep disdain for those who like to position themselves as ‘higher beings’ or become spiritually egotistic. I will always be a Social Worker at heart. I believe people are deserving of love and sharing my Light with others allows those around me to safely explore the practice and experience the metaphysical without judgment. I do not force anything. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” For those who are curious- I teach! I have created an online class called The Path of the Mystic: Unveiling the Secrets of Tarot Mastery on for those interested in learning Tarot and developing a divination practice. I also assist one-on-one with those seeking deeper practice knowledge.

What are your aspirations and goals for the continued growth of Tricky Vibes?

I want to help as many people as I can raise their vibration which in turn raises the vibration of the planet. The world needs Joy and I feel that it is my duty in this lifetime to help folks find their ultimate happiness by standing in their Truth. I feel as if my fellow Lightworkers and I are becoming aware of our collective responsibility to humanity to be our most authentic selves. I stand as a leader of this collective as it is my calling to do so. Light attracts Light. (If you know, you know!) Quite frankly, I plan on changing the world- with my art, music, and one tarot reading at a time!

Can you share a particularly memorable or impactful moment in your journey as a spiritual guide?

There are many but one of the most memorable was my very first paid psychic reading. I had to face some serious mental barriers before I decided to become a practitioner in the public eye- but I will never forget the “moment of truth” if you will! One day I finally took a leap of faith and did a psychic reading over the phone for a complete stranger referred to me by a long-time friend. I was terrified. I cried for 30 minutes before I got on the phone. My voice was quivering. I was IN MY HEAD like you would not believe because I could not imagine how I would deal with being told I was inaccurate. I had no information about this person or their intentions. I just had me. By the end of the call this client was in tears due to my guidance and accuracy.

I realized at that moment that my life had a much bigger purpose and this spiritual gift needed to be held reverently and protected. I am able to help people in the way I was called to do so many times before- but now I have a full understanding of who I am and how I am to show up in the world for others. Everything you want is right behind some crazy fear. This was my breakthrough moment. I am all I needed, but it took some bravery and guts to realize that! I had many more breakthrough moments after that like leaving a long-term relationship, relocating without a real plan in place, publishing my first 3 books, putting out my first music project, and even sacred plant ceremonies. But this moment of literally ‘answering the call’ of my soul projected my life forward to what it is now and I will never forget it!

Amidst the rapid pace and pressure of our everyday lives, the widespread search for life’s deeper meaning has emerged as an essential pursuit. Alisha Chelsea Jones, a bright light for those on this journey, uses her psychic abilities to offer spiritual insight. Using her tarot cards, Jones aims to empower individuals as they navigate their path. Jones’ longtime connection to the spiritual realm has allowed her the plethora of knowledge she needs to help others.

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