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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Morgan Angelique Owens is a traveler and influencer who is a trailblazer of talent, she spreads expertise in all things beauty, lifestyle, fashion, physical, and mental health, female empowerment, and more. She has traveled to many places, her Winter destinations include the UK and England. Her voice and brand help uplift women and young girls. A fashion-forward savvy individual, Owens has been featured in Black Enterprise, Hype Hair, xoNecole, and Insider, to name a few. She is the go-to for “Glam on the Go” ideas that are beauty must-haves for holiday travel.

Owens is a trailblazer who has contributed her entrepreneurial, fashion, and beauty knowledge through being a speaker and ambassador. She is the author of “Finding My Sparkle” and has a blog called Professional Pretty, which bridges the gap between brand and underserved audiences. In addition, she is the Founder and CEO of the MAO Brand, Professional Pretty, and Curvy Cardio, LLC. In 2021 Owens partnered with The Cincinnati Herald Newspaper to create Herald Beauty, a beauty hub for minority women. She is the Chief Creative Beauty Consultant, educating newcomers in the fields of beauty, fashion, health/wellness, financial literacy and everything in between 

Morgan Angelique Owens

Morgan Angelique Owens discusses with us her powerhouse story of becoming an influencer in the media industry, her promotional opportunity for minority groups in the beauty, fashion and health world, makeup and skincare products for the Winter and so much more about her career accomplishments.

Tell us your story of how you became an influencer in the media industry and a traveler.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 12 years, and 5 years full-time. I started helping other women entrepreneurs with their marketing/branding because that was my corporate background. I’ve always been obsessed with beauty and when the pandemic hit, everything I was doing came to a halt. This left me with the time and opportunity to pivot and launch my beauty/travel blog.

Professional Pretty Blog was launched three years ago, time has flown. I started the Blog because, for as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with all things beauty, travel and lifestyle. I blame my mother. I grew up being the only girl and watching my mother in awe when she got dressed to attend a function or a meeting. She had a full walk-in closet with amazing shoes, dresses and my personal favorite, handbags. My mother is beautiful without material things, but these just enhanced her style – I envied it.

If you know my story you know I struggled with my self-esteem, I never thought I would be as glamorous and gorgeous as my mother. I played in her shoes, her jewelry, her make-up and perfume, I couldn’t wait until I could have all these wonderful things. Now that I know my

self-worth is not tied into my looks; I can appreciate beauty and fashion as “add on’s” to my beauty and not substitutions.

My mission has been to help Women and young girls find their sparkle, now I’m making one of my biggest goals come to life. Being able to write about all thing’s beauty, fashion and lifestyle to share my favorite tips and tricks. Just remember, you make the products glamorous – not the other way around.

You are a trailblazer in beauty, fashion, and health and wellness. What work have you done to help promote resources for minority groups and underserved audiences?

What I am bringing to the industry is awareness. For many years Black women were left out of the beauty conversations, now we make up a lot of the trillion dollar spend, we no longer are an afterthought but a needed voice to the table. As a beauty writer/editor/blogger I bring awareness to young women and girls who look like that me- that they deserve a voice in the beauty world and deserve to have all the resources, tools and education around it. 

It is the Winter months. What types of makeup and skincare products are perfect for everlasting beauty during the cold weather?


  • Hydrating Moisturizer: Opt for a rich and hydrating moisturizer to combat dry skin. To provide deep hydration, look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and shea butter.
  • Facial Oil: Consider incorporating facial oil into your routine for added moisture. Oils like argan or jojoba can help nourish and protect the skin barrier.
  • Gentle Exfoliator: Exfoliation is essential to remove dry, flaky skin. Choose a gentle exfoliator with lactic acid or glycolic acid to promote cell turnover without irritating.
  • Hydrating Mask: Use a hydrating mask once or twice a week to give your skin an extra moisture boost. Ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid can be soothing and hydrating.
  • SPF: Even in winter, it’s crucial to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Choose a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 and apply it every morning.


  • Hydrating Primer: Start your makeup routine with a hydrating primer to create a smooth base and lock in moisture. This can help prevent makeup from clinging to dry patches.
  • Dewy Foundation: Opt for a foundation with a dewy finish to add a healthy glow to your skin. Avoid matte foundations, as they can accentuate dryness.
  • Cream Blush: Cream blushes are great for winter as they provide a natural, dewy finish. They blend seamlessly into the skin and add a touch of color without emphasizing dryness.
  • Moisturizing Lip Products: Use lip balms, glosses, or lipsticks with moisturizing properties to prevent dry and chapped lips. Look for products containing shea butter, vitamin E, or coconut oil.
  • Setting Spray: Finish your makeup with a hydrating setting spray to lock in moisture and give your skin a refreshed appearance. This can also help set your makeup without a powdery finish.

What is your ideal skincare routine, and what is the key to everlasting self-care?

My ideal skincare routine is one that is realistic for my lifestyle. Depending on your lifestyle, I would commit to something you know you can handle and do consistently, that really is the key. The key to everlasting self-care is keep doing it!

Do you have any tips on utilizing a skin and beauty care bag for travel?

A tip I would have is to create a separate bag for your skin/beauty care for travel. That way, you always have it on hand and just restock with travel products when necessary. Keep your stable and more extensive size products at home.

Morgan Angelique Owens

When researching which products suit your beauty routine, what are some key components to look for?

When researching beauty products for your routine, consider the following key components to ensure that the products align with your skincare and makeup needs: Skin type and concerns, ingredients lists, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, SPF content, and product reviews.

How did Professional Pretty come to be?

Professional Pretty started because I was tired of being told women can’t bring their authentic selves into the corporate world. I wanted to create a space for women to be their authentic selves, get the job done, and thrive in that space.

How does Curvy Cardio LLC promote physical and mental health and fitness?

Curvy Cardio is all about loving yourself from the inside out through fitness. Physical health is so important in taking care of yourself: mind, body and soul. Curvy Cardio creates that space for you to do that.

You are an author who wrote “Finding My Sparkle,” a self-love book; what is some profounding wisdom you can share that readers can apply to their life and self-confidence?
-I love affirmations. Take time everyday to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you love about you. That always makes me feel beautiful. 

Stop letting fear hold you back! In order to start living out your purpose, be honest with yourself! If you want to do it, you’ll do it. You have to push through the fear because how would you feel if someone with your same vision goes with it and runs with it – you’re going to be kicking yourself.”

How did you influence the creation of Herald Beauty with The Cincinnati Herald?

I founded Herald Beauty in partnership with The Cincinnati Herald. The Cincinnati Herald is an award-winning newspaper. Established in August of 1955, The Cincinnati Herald is the longest-running African-American newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Herald’s primary purpose as a newspaper is to take the general news related to the black community and tell what that means for the community.

Herald Beauty serves as a hub for minority women to be educated and encouraged to enhance their confidence and make them feel more powerful through beauty(hair, skin and cosmetics). If you google search beauty, minority women do not pop up. We shouldn’t be an add on – we should be included in the narrative. Minority women carry a billion dollar spend and yet are often left out of the beauty conversation whether in print, online or social media. No More. 

Tell us more about your Professional Pretty Retreat for 2024; what is the overall mission and activities people can look forward to?

The retreat is a 3 day weekend dedicated to yourself. It’s a space and time where you can get that “sparkle” you need to keep going, whether working in a corporation or an entrepreneur. It’s just a recharge for your overall wellness with like-minded women. Attendees can look forward to a day of self-care, beauty, workshops, and physical health.

Morgan Angelique Owens

What are your plans for the future to help inspire young girls and women to be self-confidence leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and everything in between?

To keep showing them that there are no glass ceilings. You can do precisely what you want to do by being your authentic self. 

Morgan Angelique Owens has received awards from the Cincinnati Chamber, the  “Woman of Influence”, “40 under 40”, and “Black History Honoree.” In 2022, she launched a talk show, The Morgan Angelique Show, which focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle for overlooked audiences. Furthermore, she is a powerhouse of talent and inspiration. Being a brand ambassador, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Owens is a multifaceted individual who is leading young women and girls in the right direction.

Visit for more information on Morgan Angelique Owens. To watch her show, click here. Follow her on Instagram to view her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. You can buy her book “Finding My Sparkle” on Amazon. Looking forward to the 2024 Professional Pretty Retreat, find more information here.

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