Kimberly McGowan Discusses Dating During A Pandemic


( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) Kimberly McGowan Discusses Relationships And Dating During A Pandemic And What We Can Do To Improve

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Certified matchmaker Kimberly McGowan, also known as the “Badass Maven Matchmaker,” has a few tips on staying together as a community and dating during a pandemic. McGowan has had a lot of experience with relationships and matchmaking, and she is also a student of somatic training, which is a form of sex coaching. Because of her certifications and knowledge in this area, McGowan has been featured in publications such as Journal Sentinel and USA Today.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone, and it has raised the stress levels in relationships and marriages. McGowan has seen a rise in domestic violence during this time period and a rise in couples seeking divorce. Being in the house for prolonged periods of time has not made it easy for couples who are not used to spending as much time together.

Some relationships have shifted to being long distance, and McGowan has some advice on how to deal with this added factor. “Allowing your partner to see your emotion and concern can help with bringing back the connection,” said McGowan. It is important to communicate feelings and share vulnerabilities. This could also help both partners grow closer.

As for single people, the dating culture has shifted to provide more mental and emotional connections as opposed to a physical connection. McGowan describes how singles are becoming creative with long-distance dating and keeping the fun in meeting new people and getting to know them. McGowan also offers an array of dating services for singles at her website.

In the same way in which dating has changed, so have relationships with family and friends. During this period of social distancing, McGowan recommends checking in on loved ones. Calling friends and family will help ease stress levels on both sides and make the personal connection more prominent. Zoom conversations are another way to keep in touch. These conversations offer each party the chance to see and hear the other.

All of these tips are something everyone should take into consideration when feeling the emotional impacts of the coronavirus. The feelings of isolation that come with the social distancing guidelines are something a lot of people are experiencing, but this does not mean it has to stay that way. Following the tips Kimberly McGowan has offered above can be a fulfilling way to stay connected with loved ones during these trying times.

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