Be Rooted Born To Inspire Black Women

Jasmin Foster - Mecca Gamble Photography 2020

( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Jasmin Foster Founded the Stationery Brand Be Rooted in an Effort To Provide a Safe Space and Empowerment To Black Women

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Be Rooted is a new Black-owned stationery brand with a mission behind its founding. Jasmin Foster founded Be Rooted to provide a safe space for women and for them to see themselves represented. The inclusive designs are riddled with color to inspire every type of creator and note-taker. Some of their best-sellers include bright orange colors with yellow accents on the cover. Their collection “Act Up Sis” can be found on their website along with other collections.  

The idea for Be Rooted came to Foster when she realized how underrepresented she felt in the stationery aisle. Journaling is a self-care practice; seeing representation in journals and other stationery products was very important for Foster. Journals were something Foster constantly used, and stationery went hand-in-hand with journal use. Naturally, Foster created her brand around something she herself used daily. 

Be Rooted not only strives to be a place in which women can be themselves, but they strive to be a place where women see themselves represented. 

“To ‘be rooted’ means to be firmly planted,” said Foster. “I think that people turn to stationery to help them organize their life and to connect with their thoughts.”

Every design has a meaning behind it related to women of color. Culture is something that is highly emphasized in each product’s design. 

When Foster started Be Rooted, she gave herself a sales goal, and she promised herself if she reached that goal she would go back and invest into it fully. She did not know how customers would take to her brand, or if she would find success in this industry. However, her network kept her afloat through all the rougher patches, such as when she was preparing for a Target launch and she needed to find the right supplier. 

“I think that journaling is a powerful tool for all of us to add to our toolbox,” said Foster.

The brand is only just starting. Foster has big plans for the future, including new stationery product launches. To view the full product line offered, you can visit their website.