803 Natural Scalp Scrub, A Therapeutic Hair Care Product that Relaxes and Removes All Stress


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) A Professional Blend that Addresses the Gap in the Haircare Routine

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Lacy Fields, better known as Ms. Healthy Hair, has over 18 years of experience as a master stylist and trichologist in the beauty and hair care industry. Fields’ early excitement for the field pushed her to keep traveling and learning about various cultural beauty traditions and talents, which she subsequently applied to help her reach new heights. Fields’ travels have broadened her understanding of the creative techniques and trends in the industry. During her travels, Field served as an educator for members of the beauty industry, and the experiences she gained abroad helped her to become a more well-rounded stylist. Fields owns Therapeutique Salon and Spa, where she and her employees cater to a diverse clientele, providing them with both nourishment and style. Fields has helped clients with many scalp diseases, such as alopecia and psoriasis, thanks to her partnership with Coretta Johnson of Black-Owned Business, 803 Natural.

Johnson, the proprietor of 803 Natural, designed a product that had a therapeutic aroma and a calming and relaxing effect. It was a fantastic combination for the Therapeutique and Ms. Healthy Hair brands! The duo together had the skills to build an exceptional product. Fields, the professional hair knowledge and technique, professional needs for the product, consistency, application, do’s and don’ts, and consumer needs; Johnson, the artisan, creating the blend and understanding the gap in the haircare routine.

Lacy Fields (left) Coretta Johnson (right)

With their partnership came the 803 Natural Exfoliating Scalp Scrub, a purposeful sea salt scrub that relaxes you and removes all unwanted stress throughout your body and on your scalp.

Haircare is a therapeutic treatment, says Fields, and those like myself who cannot make frequent haircare sessions because of Covid-19 were concerned about the chilly temperatures of this past winter, mixed with friction exerted on the hair from goods (such as wool garments or scarves) heavily used in those winter months.

Perfect for many hair types; 803 Natural Scalp Scrub can be used on straight hair that may be overly dry, over-processed, and lacking moisture, for wavy textures that lack shine, and curly hair that lacks moisture and shine. It is versatile and also used as a pre-shampoo, co-wash, and treatment. Fields says, “It’s essential for those who may suffer from buildup on their scalp” or coming out of protective styles, Johnson adds.

803 Natural Scalp Scrub has proven to be a success, continually selling out on the company’s website. Fields prioritizes her customers’ experience as a Master Stylist and Healthy-Hair Expert, and is committed to improving her craft and establishing her brand is a driving force behind her success.

Check out the 803 Natural Website for more information on Exfoliating Scalp Scrub.