Willie Styles and Terry Sampson, Adding Value To Artist Portfolios


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Willie Styles and Terry Sampson, Using Diverse And Multi-talented Skills to enhance Artist Visual Portfolios

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Creative Entrepreneurs Terry Sampson (The Uncle), Willie Styles (The Nephew) uses their expertise, creativity, enthusiasm, and leadership to push artists to the next level in the entertainment sector. With over 700 productions, all shot and perfectly directed, their company joint venture Envisage Affiliates, LLC stands out.

The CEOs of the Atlanta-based company have worked in the entertainment sector for a long time. Media, video production, graphic design are a few of the many services the company offers. In addition, Terry and Willie employ their various and multi-talented skills as multimedia facilitators to strengthen artist visual portfolios.


Terry is also an Army veteran who excels in life because he has the discipline to stay focused, honed via his military service. In addition, Willie produced the “Love Tap” video for Bizarre of D12 and collaborated with the late Nipsey Hustle at his birthday celebration.

Emphasizing their clients’ brands with purpose and professionalism while upgrading everything related to marketing, style, and production. Envisage Affiliates, LLC is your image’s partner. Terry and Willie put up their best effort, ensuring 100 percent efficiency and complete customer satisfaction.

ENSPIRE Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing the pair, learning more about their strategies to help the artist reach their highest potential.

ENSPIRE Magazine: How did you discover that you two would work well together and could combine your talents?

TERRY: It was organic, we have been involved with entertainment for a long time, so it was inevitable for us to start our own business.

ENSPIRE Magazine: Did you ever struggle with your own portfolio? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them?

WILLIE: It is typical for an independent artist to experience challenges. Some may consider these challenges to be struggling while we accept these challenges as the “process of progress.” One part of the process was researching the equipment we needed to facilitate the type of production we specialize in. The challenges came from how we were going to finance it, but we overcame that obstacle by being disciplined with spending and reinvesting.

ENSPIRE Magazine: Did networking ever play a part in you reaching success? If so, how?

TERRY: YES!!!! Networking is definitely a key factor in the process of getting business opportunities, sponsorships, and all sorts of other tangible resources.

ENSPIRE Magazine: What are the top 5 mistakes that artists often make when putting together their portfolio or accentuating their brand? How can they avoid them?

WILLIE: The first mistake, trying to recreate another artist’s image. Be original. The second mistake, overlooking the importance of having a budget. Make sure you create a budget for all projects and stick to it. The third mistake, maintaining schedules and deadlines. Be on time or be early. The fourth mistake, limiting their opportunities by thinking they know everything. People in place for a reason always value the experiences shared with you and learn from them. The fifth mistake, being their own opposition. You have to GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!!!!

ENSPIRE Magazine: This question requires an answer from both of you. Do you have any tips for those looking to start their own business? What is one good thing to keep in mind when entering the entertainment industry? What is something a creative person should never be without?

TERRY: When starting a business, make sure your intentions and purpose are completely positive. Do not be afraid to ask for help, resources, or ideas.

WILLIE: A creative person should never be without FAITH. Envisage is “to conjure up a mental image of something that does not yet exist or is unknown.” This is the work of a true creative, the work of Terry Sampson and Willie Styles.

To stay up to date with Envisage Affiliates, LLC and its owners, connect with them on Instagram. Willie Styles InstagramTerry Sampson Instagram

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