FOX SOUL Broadens Representation With Charles Oakley and Briana Camille


( ENSPIRE Feature ) FOX SOUL Partners With The FUBU Network to Bring New Diverse Shows This Fall

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keegan Kerns

The For Us By Us Network, or FUBU, the leading provider of quality content around topics, people, and trends related to hip-hop culture and lifestyle, has partnered with FOX SOUL, the Black community’s premiere free streaming platform serving unapologetically black, consumable by all entertainment 365 days a year, to distribute a slate of new, original shows, with two set to premiere this Fall. “Chopping It Up With Oakley: stars basketball legend Charles Oakley and is set to premiere on October 7th at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST, while “Getting Back to Bri” features Briana Camille with a premiere date soon to be announced. 

FOX SOUL and the For Us By Us Network plan to unveil additional programming in the future, keeping up the important task of providing consistent and positive representation for underserved communities. As FOX SOUL’s Head of Programming James DuBose has stated, “FOX SOUL and The For Us By Us Network have a shared vision to entertain, educate and inspire voices of the black community, consumable by all. We look forward to working with the For Us by Us team and bringing quality content to audiences as we continue to champion and grow the FOX SOUL platform.” This positive message of reaching broader audiences while also providing important and positive representation is essential for modern media, so it’s wonderful to see FOX SOUL and the For Us By Us Network embrace it.

Briana Camille and Charloes Oakley

“Chopping It Up With Oakley” and “Getting Back to Bri” both provide us with radically different but unique looks into the lives of celebrity figures in ways that we may not have even considered before. With Oakley, we can see basketball legend Charles Oakley move from the court to the kitchen, showing that he’s more than a master of one. In addition, Oakley isn’t afraid to challenge us with important conversations, whether it’s entertainment, sports, or politics, making his kitchen quite a lively place. Briana Camille, the mother of Rick Ross’ three children, additionally shows us a life behind the red velvet rope, where instead of making snap judgments we can learn more about her voyage as a mother and the difficulties of being a high-profile figure. 

The partnership between The For Us By Us Network and FOX SOUL seems particularly apt for accomplishing its mission of sharing important stories, as FOX SOUL has a history as a free streaming platform dedicated to providing black and consumable by all entertainment 24/7, while The For Us By Us Network is an offshoot of the FUBU clothing brand which has a similar mission of properly representing minorities. The For Us By Us Network Co-founders J. Alexander Martin, Roberto Rush Evans and Terence Greene commented on the effectiveness of the partnership, saying that “Our new partnership with FOX SOUL enables us to continue to produce high-quality original programming while expanding our outreach to a broader audience. Our mission is to highlight unique personalities and their authentic stories within our community which perfectly aligns with FOX SOUL’s vision. We look forward to working with FOX SOUL to continue to create, inspire, educate and uplift new voices to the digital space.” 

Charles Oakley At A Charity Cooking Event

With platforms existing due to FOX SOUL’s infrastructure and more and more resources pouring in from the For Us By Us Network, the partnership seems to shape up nicely in order to achieve its goal of representing, educating, and inspiring voices of the black community. With exciting shows like Oakley and Bri already coming down the pipeline, there are many, exciting possibilities for FOX SOUL and FUBU Network in the future, so be sure to tune in and check out their wide variety of programming.

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