‘ILU America’ (Land of America) Wins “Audience Award”

Cast attends 2021 Culver City Film Festival - World Premiere Of "ILU America" at Cinemark 18, Los Angeles, CA on December 4, 2021

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) ‘ILU America (Land of America)’ Wins Audience Award Best Feature Film in Los Angeles at the 2021 Culver City Film Festival

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

“ILU America” (Land of America) wins the Audience Award Best Feature Film at the 2021 Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles. Produced and directed by Oduataj Productions & Entertainment Inc. CEO Taiwo Oduala, starring leading actors Taiwo Oduala and Doris Simeon. The film actors also include Adebayo Salami, Bayo Bankole, Ayo Mogaji, Mistura Asunramu, Femi Brainard, Shina Ayooyinlola, and Israel Ogunleye Alayo.

The film is an African full-length feature foreign language film with suspense, intrigue, emotion, love, and action fully subtitled in English. ILU America is an indigenous emotional classic reality story of an immigrants’ ordeal and survival. The film is a groundbreaking adventure full of humor where the film’s pessimist, Ade, is forced to discover the meaning of resilience. Despite the obstacles and hardships along the way, his mission is to obtain citizenship in a land he was not born in, so he may see his dream come true.

The film has received many accolades and won an award at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival for “Best Diaspora Film,” Culver City Film Festival for “Audience Award Best Feature Film” and has already received several official selections at the Hollywood New Directors Film Festival, Black Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, Marina del Rey Film Festival, Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, and Golden State Film Festival. “This film promises to break Hollywood and Nollywood barriers,” says Oduala.

In addition, Oduala has received other awards with his film “ILU OBA” (The Queens Land) at the British Film Institute for “Best Story,” and African Film and Academy Awards for “Best Screenplay Film.”

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