Mira Lehr: The Godmother of Miami’s Art Scene


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Nationally acclaimed artist, Mira Lehr, has been celebrated as “the Godmother of Miami’s Art Scene,” for six decades. The force of nature is still in demand. Her large-scale Mangrove Labyrinth sculptures will be shown at the U.S. premiere of the Art with Me Festival alongside the release of the new, 420-page book “Mira Lehr: Arc of Nature, the Complete Monograph by Skira” at an exclusive event during Art Basel Miami Beach. Mira Lehr’s art has also made appearances in the heart of South Beach and The Deering Estate.

Lehr has been invited by the Kimpton Hotel Group to present a new solo exhibition this year at The Epic Hotel in Miami. This exhibition will coincide with Women’s History Month. This is special because Mira Lehr has paved the way for female artists. “It is in honor of my work to advance the impact of women in art, going back to 1961 when I co-founded one of the first artist co-ops for women artists. It was called Continuum, and this is the 60th anniversary of this gallery for women artists which I spearheaded during a time when it was very challenging to be a woman artist.”

The artist, Mira Lehr. Photo by Michael E. Fryd

Her work will also be showcased this year by the Mounts Botanical Garden in Palm Beach County to present a major solo art exhibition in the Fall of 2022 and Winter of 2023. It will be titled The Arc of Nature: Mira Lehr. This new exhibition will feature several of Lehr’s large-scale sculptures, paintings, and other works on view during Art Basel Season and the New Wave Art Weekend in Palm Beach.

By looking at nature and great artists like Cezanne and early Rembrandt. “Nature is perfect. It is so beautifully structured with such a great economy of spaces. Nature has its own mind. Things that grow in nature are great teachers by looking at them because you see all kinds of structures, you can see how nature balances, how it protects the species, how they have very profound structures. If I ever get stuck in my work, I will look at a tree in nature to get unstuck.”  

The Complete Monograph of Mira Lehr’s Arc of Nature

After decades of success, her new works continue to get selected to debut during events like the INK Miami Art Fair. It’s no surprise that Mira Lehr’s art career continues to thrive with her wisdom and dedication to organic lines. She says “Making art, being an artist is a long hard struggle, but it is worth it. Because it is a thing of the spirit, and as you grow in your artistic journey, you are excited by discovering new things. It feeds your spirit.”

For more about Mira Lehr and her art, go to Miralehr.com.

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