Chef Essie’s Seafood Fantasy


(ENSPIRE Entertainment) Renowned Chef Essie Bartels chefs up tasty seafood recipe on Global Gourmet season finale

ENSPIRE Contributor: Melissa Santiago-Rivera

On the season finale of Global Gourmet, Chef Essie is preparing a fan-favorite: SEAFOOD! It’s all the things you need for fall– delicious, comfy, cozy, and saucy. The menu is prawns in a mango coconut chili curry sauce and a creamy pasta with clams, scallops, and shrimp. YUM! This is a finale you don’t wanna miss. Global Gourmet mission has become bringing back west African cuisine to CLEO TV, and Chef Essie Is all for it. Essie is about to take her viewers on a flavorful journey this season. With her expressed passion for food and people there’s no doubt Chef Essie holds all the cards for recipes that feeds the soul.

She believes that spice is the anchor to a great dish. A belief she has carried with her as she devoted herself through foundering her very own line of sauces and spices she calls Essie Spice. Essie’s line consists of flavors she feels blends traditional, familiar tastes from her upbringing with those of the multicultural flavors she was smitten by during her travels;These tasty variants of complementary spice blends were consisted of spices influenced from parts of Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Caribbeans. It is precisely because of Essie’s vibrant upbringing in Ghana, her world travels, and entrepreneurial spirit that Essie continues to deliver incredible dishes bursting with flavor and spirit.

Chef Essie is the person from whom you want to learn from in the kitchen and in life. She also shows a delicate balancing act as a creator, traveler, entrepreneur and mogul on Global Gourmet. Her extensive travels across the globe have inspired colorful stories and the most incredible dishes bursting with flavor and passion. Growing up in Ghana, her mother’s tiny kitchen is where her love affair with spice ignited. Essie has recollections of her kitchen having over twenty-four spices and only utilizing about four. After questioning the reason why this was, she found motivation to take theses traditional dishes and season them in varieties of spices to add new school flares to old school dishes. It was through these experiments she has created an empire she is proud of today.

Passion is the spice of life! Here at ENSPIRE we are passionate about individuals who are passionate about their passions. Let’s support Essie as she cooks her way to the season Finale!

Global Gourmet is produced by Powerhouse Productions, with Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead serving as Executive Producers. For TV One, Austin Biggers is the SVP of Programming, Allison Simmons is the Executive Producer in Charge of Production, and Donyell McCullough is Sr. Director of Talent & Casting.

Give into your cravings and Click to watch Chef Essie season your life with her finest recipes. Who knows, you might even be ENSPIRE’D.

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