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( ENSPIRE Mind Body and Soul ) Nicole Fevrier Davis Teaches You the Importance of Blending Science and Soul to Help Identify the Root Causes of Weight Gain, Muscular Imbalance, and More 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera

Nicole Fevrier Davis dedicates her life to being a healer and personal trainer. She has spent over 30 years creating a set of qualities and skills that bring better mental, spiritual, and physical health. She blends science and soul to unlock the powerful mind and body wisdom for peace. This approach helps identify the root causes of weight gain, muscular imbalance, and metabolic dysfunction. 

Through her signature treatments like Truth Talking with the Body, Super Soul Sessions, and Personalized Conscious Body Training, she teaches you how to attain goals, and empower your soul. Davis believes this approach is crucial to living a holistically fulfilling lifestyle. She is certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America). Davis wants to help others commit to their New Year’s resolution weight loss journey instead of giving up. 

ENSPIRE spoke with Nicole Fevrier Davis about mental health, weight loss, and more.

How one deals with their emotions can affect their health, what are the most common emotions that interfere with starting a weight loss journey?

Our emotions are deeply embedded in our DNA and our subconscious minds and beliefs. How we treat our soul, which records all emotions, also affects us. When we assume that our emotional responses are normal or healthy, when they may actually be irrational or unrealistic, this usually points to a personal truth that hasn’t been explored yet.

If we cannot accurately find our personal truth and speak to it meaningfully, then we risk further breaking down our ability to attain goals like health and weight loss balance. The negative emotions we carry around with us from childhood and the emotions our souls hold have the potential to destroy health and healing of all kinds, including weight loss, depression, anger, fear, and anxiety.

What are ways you can fix your mentality to start effectively losing weight?

When I first committed to helping my clients lose weight naturally and permanently, I literally peeled the scientific onion of the mind, weight loss, and metabolism. What I discovered from over thirty years of note-taking and studying was as shocking as it was reassuring. Yes, weight loss happens in the brain, but it’s not about mindset. Studies show that only twenty percent of the population that try mantras or affirmations to change behaviors are successful. This is because only about twenty percent of our population has had a history of very positive experiences relating to change from childhood.

Moreover, they may never have suffered from abusive or traumatic situations. This made it easier to change their current beliefs since they had no negative experiences or past history to stop them. Those who aren’t successful with “mindset” practices have typically had some sort of negative emotional responses toward childhood, teen, or early adult events in their lives.

Because of that, it makes it difficult for their limbic brain to feel safe when making behavioral changes now. Therefore, the limbic brain will always revert back to the memory of that negative emotion each time change is introduced unless they can connect with their brain’s soul’s needs for neurochemical balance. This begs the question, how does one change their neurochemistry to better suit weight loss?

After decades of having my clients try numerous diets, exercise theories, techniques, and science-based preparations like neurofeedback, I did the two things that I knew could change neurochemistry to eradicate negative emotions and improve neurochemical balance naturally: I prayed and meditated with my clients. It worked and the results were astonishing. My clients now automatically craved healthy foods and activity, forgot to binge eat or found that they didn’t want the cookies in the pantry anymore.

What are the positive results one has, once effectively losing weight in the right mindset?

One loses weight only when the soul of the amygdala and limbic brain is satisfied and safe. This can only happen when we are sincerely at peace. This means that not only do you feel peaceful about your life choices and experiences but you are also at peace with your source, the one who made your soul, God.

Can you slip back into the negative emotions that prevent weight loss and how can you avoid that?

When we look back at our lives, we have to acknowledge that there were times when the stress felt like more than we could handle. Perhaps our schedules, jobs, spouses, or homes went through a change that was out of our control. In response to this, our emotional responses might have reverted back to fear, depression, or anger.

Whether these troubles have happened to you, or are currently happening to you, the first thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. Keep reminders of the peace you’ve attained so you can remember how to get back to it. That’s why prayer and meditation are so successful. Because all we need is to hear that prayer again, listen to a few bars or words of the meditation that helped us the first time, and to ask God to reassure us of our own safety and His action in our lives.

Remembering God’s gift of our perfect human body is essential. We have to trust that we have power over any emotion or addiction to food or otherwise: this is the “special sauce” or the secret. This will bring us back into a state of receptivity to naturally balance our mind, body, and soul.

What is one piece of advice you can give to people just starting out with their weight loss journey?

Believe that you first have power over anything you’ve created in the past. Whatever you created, you can uncreate or change it. Know that God has given you the cognitive ability to make changes, and those changes made in His name for your health will always end in success. He had never intended for His people to be overweight or obese. Pray to better, understand how to best lose weight in the way that is right for you, ask what you need to do, and then be open to His guidance. Allow Him to change you and your emotions inside and you won’t go wrong.

Nicole Fevrier Davis is dedicated to helping those looking to lose weight learn healthy mental habits to effectively keep the weight off. Having peace of mind ensures that all the negative emotions have been let go and you can finally move forward and stay committed to your new years’ resolution. 

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