Alicia Holmes Launches Seducing Abundance On Your Journey to Wealth 5-Day Challenge


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Alicia Holmes is a financial educator and coach at Journey to Wealth. She created Journey to Wealth to aid women of color financially. With her expertise in wealth-building strategies, she founded a five-day challenge called Seducing Abundance On Your Journey to Wealth. This virtual program aimed to gain knowledge and obtain tactics and a mindset of wealth building. Holmes wanted to create a free space and helped forge a path for BIPOC women toward financial independence and prosperity. This holistic event contained a series of discussions on self-care, community building, healthy pathways, and investing in the 5th Industrial Revolution. The welcoming session began on February 20th to February 24th.

There were ten BIPOC female speakers for this event’s lineup: Hazel Ortega, Nicole Lovince, Shawnee Benton Gibson, Lisa Yu, Krya Peralte, Alexis Asbe, Dr. Jatali Bellanton, J.Nycole, Shelita Burke, and Mina Black. According to Holmes, “It is my mission to help women of color achieve financial independence and live empowered lives. We are providing applicable tools that blend mindset, empowered actions, and innovative money mastery.”

Seducing Abundance Event Poster

Alicia Holmes gave a financial roadmap to create and sustain financial plans and for women to reach goals and take action. Seducing Abundance provided wealth-building sessions with step-by-step approaches to develop a mindset to unify all five aspects that you’ve learned through this experience. Her approach to wealth building is holistic and her program heeded her mantra of “Together, We Rise.”

Seducing Abundance is a perfect crash course for Black and Brown women. Her step-by-step strategies are changing many women’s lives and how they become wealthy. One of her signature programs is called Journey to Wealth Bootcamp which focuses on closing the wealth gap and settling BIPOC women with preparation. Now, Alicia Holmes is the co-founder of Disruptor DAO, a community focused on educating and securing a place in the future of Web3 for Black and Brown women. For future information on her other virtual or in-person events, you can go to her site for Seducing Abundance or go to her Instagram for more updates.

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