Four Friends’ Hilarious Comedy Show Cotton Mouf Are a Huge Hit on Social Media


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Through The Work of Improv and Talented Comedy, Four Friends Came Together to Make a One Of A Kind Puppet Show

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

Cotton Mouf is a comedy show focusing on adult topics that get expressed in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way. It features four distinctly handcrafted puppets utilizing a unique sense of humor to make the show incredibly special. Their videos went viral through social media clips that captured the hearts and minds of the viewers. The show has gathered a huge audience of followers who continue to watch its content as they expand and grow.

The popular comedy show was made by four friends, Brandon, Marc, Steve, and Davionte. They’ve stated that their friendship inspired most of their skits, which implement everyday topics with tongue-in-cheek humor. In addition, they use improv for most videos, including live content on Plenty of Fish and Omegle.


One of the unique things about the show is the puppets which all embody the spirit and humor of each member of the crew. The Cotton Mouf Crew started with basic store-bought puppets, before then changing each puppet on its own to make them truly special and one of a kind. “We all took each of our individual puppets and just went our own way, put our own little touches onto them to make them unique and individualized.” Everyone worked separately, adding their own personal features to their puppets with no creative direction to restrict them. “It’s one of those things where I don’t think we could recreate the same puppet again. We just thought of some quick ideas and put them together and then the puppets came out looking so unique that we just kept going with it.”

Learning how to use puppets was a task that the crew had to figure out while in the moment. Their skills got better over time and soon the puppets really came to life. The goal was to make the movements look human, to make the audience look at the puppets as people instead of actual puppets. “We wanted to make a living human being, we would try to make the moves fluid like the puppets are normal people.”

When Cotton Mouf first started there wasn’t any plan, just a group of friends having fun and laughing at each other. It took 3 months of posting three to four videos on Instagram a day before the show really took off. YouTube was an even slower grind with it taking a year before the channel got popular. “The first couple of months we got up to 100 subscribers and we were happy with that, and then from there it really just shot up in that next year.”


The show was created during the pandemic when people were stuck inside their houses looking for entertainment through TV Shows and Social Media. It was a coincidence that Cotton Mouf started at such a time, but it helped give the show a boost in viewers and it allowed a wider audience to watch and enjoy the show. The crew always thought that the show would be a huge hit if they were successful in making it come to life. They believed each member brought a new flavor to the group that would lead to entertainment like no other. “Everybody got their own flavor and when you got a bunch of good flavors, you put them in a pot and cook it up like gumbo, and it just makes sense.” 

Their videos are made with almost full improv and just a basic idea of what the video is about. Skits have a basic skeleton of an idea to start from, and the rest is whatever comes to mind when the camera is rolling. “We’ll take that and just put the camera on record and whatever happens nine times out of ten is some hilarious content for us to go with.” But when the crew does reaction videos, then all of it is full improv with no plan on what to expect. “Obviously one of us has to see the video to know that we want to react to it, but the rest of us don’t know what we’re reacting to. We put the video up in front of us and we’ll record and just live to react to whatever it is.”

The Cotton Mouf Crew wouldn’t become what they are if it wasn’t for the audience that supported them on their journey. The positive messages that CottonMouf received from fans kept the crew hyped and excited to make more videos. “We were getting messages on Instagram and once we knew we had an audience, it was hype.”

As Cotton Mouf continues to grow, they promise new content on an entirely new scope. They have stated that a Cotton Mouf Movie is now in production, and following that a Cotton Mouf Cartoon Show is on its way. Even with such grand things on the way, the team promises to continue to make reaction videos, original sketches, and online content. Cotton Mouf is far from done and they will continue to spread humor and joy throughout the internet for the many who watch their content. You can find their YouTube channel below

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