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( ENSPIRE Features ) TRUCE Brings Aromatherapy to Combat the Aftermath of Domestic Violence

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

As the creator of TRUCE, Sheryl Hatwood has created a handmade and homemade aromatherapy line. She knows firsthand the pain and trauma that being in a violent relationship can bring. Institute for Women’s Policy Research, four in 10 Black women experience physical abuse at the hands of a partner which is more prevalent in the African American community than in White, Latina, or Asian communities. Being in the middle of a pandemic with limited resources has made the journey even more difficult for those who are currently suffering from abuse. As a domestic and sexual abuse survivor, Sheryl endured many hardships while in a tumultuous marriage and used drugs to cope. Now, she has turned her life around and is on a mission to help others overcome their trials and learn to put themselves first.

TRUCE products help promote awareness to self-care. The candle reminds us to be the light for ourselves; the diffuser acts to diffuse negative energy, and the perfume presents the calm we want to exude. The unisex aromas are earthly, strong, yet gentle. It’s an intentional message to stay grounded, strong, and be kind to yourself. Incorporating natural essential oils and coconut soy wax in the candles, and essential oils in the diffuser and perfume, TRUCE provides you with the finest aromatherapy experience and permits you to pause, take a breath, and take a moment. To call a TRUCE from your negative thoughts. 

ENSPIRE was given the amazing opportunity to interview Sheryl about TRUCE, read about it below!

Why did you decide to create candles and scents‌ to fight against domestic abuse?
I created candles and scents not only to fight domestic violence but for the TRUCE customer to control what they choose to put in the surrounding space. The candles are a visual and symbolic reminder of empowerment, specifically for those whose personal space may have been violated. Because sensory is a major factor in the association with mood, scent branding my products was important to bring positive reminders wherever the customer created their TRUCE space.

What inspired the scents that are behind the perfumes, colognes, and diffusers?
As a Christian, my dependency on God is relevant to my healing. It was important for me to use scents that reminded me of my Creator who created the earth. Therefore, choosing earthy tones was a natural choice for me. Each breath I take is because of my Creator. I am able to smell because I have breath. The earthy tones serve as a sensory reminder that I am grounded in my Creator. I hope to successfully transfer this experience to my customers.

Do you have any advice for those who are going through domestic abuse?
Yes! You do not deserve to be abused. An abuser abuses because of who they are not because of any blame that should be attributed to the victim. An abuser projects their lack onto you because of their unhealed trauma. Your love is not enough to change an abuser. Abusers will not change unless they own their wrongs, get help and want to change. The longer you stay in a toxic environment, the harder it becomes to leave, because you start believing the lies of the abuser. The longer you stay the abuse will typically continue to get worse. I would encourage anyone in an abusive situation to find a confidante or an organization that can help you with a safe exit strategy. Planning for a safe exit is important, especially if there are children and pets involved. Leaving is a
highly volatile phase in the domestic abuse cycle. Once you leave, get professional help that will support your mental and emotional healing and well-being. If you do not get personal help you will continue to choose relationships and friendships that are abusive. Take the necessary time to heal. There is so much more to life after abuse. My life demonstrates that.

What was it like transitioning from harmful coping mechanisms to starting a business?
In the process of healing, I discovered my purpose. Pursuing my purpose meant I had to expose the shame attached to domestic violence. I didn’t set out to start a business. I set out to share my experiences. The first thing I did was share my story via my Off-Broadway play, The Wounded Soul. That step of faith opened up additional opportunities for me to share my story. The coping
mechanisms I used to mask my pain did not stop what is innate in me. I am creative. My creativity plays a huge part in my healing, just as my faith does. So, I thought, how can I creatively re-create my experiences of healing to transfer to others? I authored my book “The Restored Soul” which created speaking opportunities as well, which then led to the creation of TRUCE by SH – a symbol of creating your space. As I progress, I reevaluate. My realization is that I must find avenues to help other people heal.

Do you believe that you have faced and conquered your past and what are you doing/have done that others can also do to face their own pasts?
I have faced my past because I am speaking my truth. If you do not face your truth, you cannot heal. You cannot heal what you do not face. I have conquered the shame I felt as a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse. It is essential for me to work on self-defeating language, addressing it when it creeps in, by living in a state of consciousness and truth. Every day, I purpose to be better and live more consciously. Face your truths to face your past, and from that position of truth, healing is possible.

TRUCE inspires you to live in harmony with your true self and to enjoy an atmosphere that you have every right to create. It provides a way to take control of your space when it feels like you can’t control anything else. Reminding yourself that the most important thing should be you. Whether you are working for money or for passion, reaching your daily goals or just following instructions, your life is yours to prioritize and yours to create. 

To learn more about TRUCE, be sure to visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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