Domestic Violence Survivor Launches Fragrance Line 


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Domestic Violence Survivor Monique Plair Launches Fragrance Line, BU – Beautiful Unapologetically, to Support Survivors

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Monique Plair, a survivor of domestic violence, launched a new fragrance line – BU – Beautiful Unapologetically. She created the line in honor of the strength and perseverance of women and domestic violence survivors. Plair’s goal is to celebrate these survivors by providing them with jobs to start a new chapter in life. In every step of the planning and formulation process, domestic violence survivors take part in the product’s creation. 

The mission behind Beautiful Unapologetically is to strengthen the women that have escaped situations of domestic violence as well as to inspire them and liberate them from their past of suffering and fear. Plair also hopes to honor the memory of those that have gained their wings and been silenced forever. 

Image via Monique Plair

As a survivor herself, Plair experienced domestic violence both as a child and as a military wife. Although she could escape the abuse with her two sons, they experienced many challenges, including homelessness. Plair could rise above the struggles and actualize her dream of joining the Navy. Inspired by the help other women gave her, she dedicated herself to helping women suffering from domestic violence and founded BU. 

The Beautiful Unapologetically line has three scents. BU Lite features an airy daytime boost to get you through a long day and is currently for sale at Available this summer, BU Freely is a full bouquet of delicate citrus and herbal notes for the late afternoon. BU Nite is a long-lasting, bold, sophisticated, and elegant perfume for formal affairs and late nights, and will be for sale this fall. Regarding her line of fragrances, Plair says, “There’s a mission behind the scent. When a woman looks and feels beautiful, she deserves a scent as equally beautiful.”

Image via Monique Plair

Besides being the fragrance designed for BU, Plair is the founder of Our Safe House, LLC. Founded last year, she created the organization ‌to support domestic violence survivors. 10% of the earnings from each Beautiful Unapologetically sale is donated to Our Safe House to benefit the survivors. These proceeds are used to provide them with invaluable resources, including mental health services, emergency housing, business clothes, and enrichment programs. 

Plair’s story is one of hardships and triumph. She could take her personal struggles and use them to not only empower herself but also other survivors of domestic violence. Support Plair on her mission to help survivors by checking out her Beautiful Unapologetically skincare products and fragrances at

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