Power in Body Positivity; Interview with Spiritual Advisor, Gro Mambo


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Traditional Healing and Wellness From Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol, World-Renowned Spiritual Advisor

Before there was a “Body Positivity” or “Self-Care” Movement, there were pioneers that
paved the way. Paving the way in traditional healing, holistic healing, alternative medicine, wellness practices, and the highly publicized healing methods and the self-love techniques we all have gravitated to in such a natural way. In the heart of Philadelphia, there lives a very dynamic woman who has been teaching, promoting, and living self-love, self-acceptance, body positivity, and wellness for over 40 years.

Meet Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol, World-Renowned Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Healer, High Priestess, and Chairperson of the National African Religion Congress. Gro Mambo embodies not only Body Positivity but Life Positivity.

Resume of a Leader

Gro Mambo has a very extensive resume that speaks volumes to all of her hard work and dedication. From awards to being featured on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and in numerous international publications, Gro Mambo’s work as a High Priestess, Chairperson, and Activist has been honored and recognized. She is known all over the world and has received many titles for her exceptional spiritual intuition and ability to settle disputes amongst different lands and even kingdoms. She has been called on by countries, dignitaries as well as been an expert witness in many cases in the United States.

Gro Mambo devotes her time to offering comprehensive spiritual consultations: child guidance, employment, and career guidance, marital, drug, and alcohol counseling and spiritual training for High Priests and High Priestesses. She is a master teacher of divination and spiritual healing.

Her clients come from all over the world, from every walk of life, race, gender, and lifestyle, seeking her ability to read into their lives and provide them with a blueprint on how to be successful in every aspect of life along with tools and genuine support they need to elevate.

Interview with a World-Renowned Spiritual Advisor

When you hear “Body Positivity”, what comes to your mind?
When I hear “Body Positivity”, I immediately think of what I live by and teach. A person must understand who they are. Many people do not realize that they are born with power. In many traditions, we speak of being born with a power, energy, or a force. The way a person finds out what power they were born with is by divination or reading.

Each power has its own dominion – from the power that governs love and matters of the heart to the power that governs stability. For example, a person could be born with the power that deals with love and matters of the heart which brings beauty to the individual. Beauty in hair care, beauty in the skin, beauty in how they wear their clothes, beauty in how they speak. If they do not understand true beauty in what they do, they may redirect it in a negative way.

Some heavily seek love from this person and that person, ending up in entanglements. They could be searching for love so badly due to a loss of a mother or father. Maybe they never felt loved at all and gave more than what they received in life. Whatever the case, they are now walking in a deep search for love – desperately seeking something positive. What they don’t know is that they already have that positivity, they just don’t understand it.

Do you consider yourself “Body Positive”?
Of course, I am! I am Body Positive! From when I was a young girl at 100 lbs, to 110 lbs., to where I am today (which I won’t mention)! Lol. I am still Body Positive because I look at my body and I see every part of power in it. I see a power of good thinking. A power of having a happy place where no matter what happens to me. That happy place is never disturbed. I take negativity, isolate it, and deal with it another way where it doesn’t disturb the happy place. I protect my mind, body, and spirit.

I am very comfortable with the skin I am in. So comfortable I can change the color of my hair and make it purple and still be comfortable. I can wear a wig and still be myself. Some people adorn themselves with EVERYTHING but don’t know who they are. I know me!

Whether I change up my style or make up, I still know what’s underneath. That is what keeps me positive in everything. In my thinking, my movement, and how I see things and handle things.

How have you contributed to this movement and who are your clients?
I have clients from every walk of life and every race. I have a wide range of clients. From entertainers to a person who walks from off the street – they all have a spirit. The spirit of that individual is what’s important. I have worked with people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have women who tried to kick different habits. I have clients who are in alternative lifestyles – some who want to remain in their alternative lifestyle and some who don’t want to remain in their alternative lifestyle. Whatever their problem is, I help them identify the power and the energy they were born with so they can better understand themselves. I can’t tell my clients to do this, do that, do this – the only thing I can do is show them the way and that is through the energy or the power they were born with.

Would you say that your newest product line, “GMANI” contributes to Body Positivity?

GMANI.online contributes to Body Positivity because within the spiritual soaps, sugar and salt scrubs are spiritual herbs – “real” spiritual herbs. I use spiritual herbs in the healing baths and works that I do and have done for more than 40 years. I have placed some of the same spiritual herbs that I use in spiritual baths and works in the GMANI soaps, sugar, and salt scrubs so that people can take care of themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, in the comfort of their own home.

GMANI products allows a person to tap within a power. They open your mind, so you can see something out of your daily routine. GMANI gives you a different outlet or outlook so that you can see a bigger picture and a bigger world. The world is big! The world is life and you must fit yourself in it. If you can fit yourself into it, then you can grow! You can’t grow and reach the great big world because you will never live that long – but you can get a big shot at that…to be able to fit yourself in life and then grow as big as you can. That’s what people don’t understand. You can’t have a daily routine. You must find something to move you ahead. Everything you know is something you already know. It’s inside you. But to grow, it’s something outside of you. And you must be able to tap the power within you in order to show you the outside and just how far you can go.

Yes! This product line helps people. It even helps people who don’t dream to dream – having significant dreams and the ability to pay attention to them. Being able to take that, what they dreamt, and make it a reality. Or a reality to block negative or a reality to climb higher in life. Life is big! And you have to fit yourself into it! Into life! You can’t think “I’m in one corner of life” nor can you think “This is my life and I can do what I want to do”. That is a person who doesn’t understand life because it is not your life – you are a human being living life inside of a bigger life. It’s like a bowl and that bowl is life…we swim in it and try not to sink. We swim. We try to stay afloat. But you want to do more than that. To do more than that, you have find something outside of your thinking. The only thing you know is within you. You can sit down and think, think, think – you are going to come up with the same thing because that is all you know.

If you could give us a piece of advice as it pertains to Body Positivity during this Pandemic, what would it be?

I would tell everyone to not wait on others to validate you in order to change your thinking about your life, your body, or even your current situation. You must call to the power of positivity and decide to actually be positive! Society will always tell you what beauty is and what beauty is not. The world will tell you that your positive choices aren’t that great or spectacular. Why live for the world! Live for yourself! Decide to love and get to know yourself. Either by way of getting a spiritual reading or consultation or by spending time with yourself. Life is short. Live life and be positive!

To learn more about Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol, visit www.GroMambo.com.