Osaretin Oghomwen’s Recent Film Brings Drama

Photo: Osaretin Oghomwen

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Oghomwen’s Feature Film Strip Explores Financial Hardship, Exotic Dance, and the Precarious Bond Between a Father and His Daughter

Contributor: Sophia Kang

If 29-year-old filmmaker Osaretin Oghomwen’s first feature film Strip tells us anything, it’s that Oghomwen isn’t afraid to up the stakes. Strip is about “noble intentions, dark consequences.” The film’s protagonist Arielle Smith turns to stripping in order to support her father as he faces a financial crisis—but even when the crisis is averted, she finds herself trapped in the dark consequences of her secret life (e.g., blackmailing by a frenemy).

“I think viewers will be left with a profound impression [after watching Strip],” Oghomwen told ENSPIRE, “as it is really an honest and raw portrayal of a woman-led by her love for her father who ends up with dark consequences, though motivated by innocent intentions.” Oghomwen was inspired to write Strip following a conversation with her own dad about a crush, which “made me realize the profound bond I had with him and that I would do almost anything to save him,” she said.

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Oghomwen has also directed “Infatuation”, a short about a “mentally aberrant” woman’s obsessive crush, and “Goodbye, Apathy”, a short about a woman who murders her boyfriend during a heated argument.

“My films definitely reflect my own moody persona, and I definitely am drawn to darker themes which recur in all of my shorts and Strip as well,” Oghomwen said.

Watch Strip here.

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