PinkLash Hosts Celebrity Talk Show City Talk


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Aspiring Reality Television Star PinkLash Connects New Artists with Celebrities on City Talk

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Talk show host from City Talk, PinkLash, interviews artists, actors, and entertainers. She is focused on building her content and followers to be selected for her own reality show. With her show, she aims to involve the fans by letting them choose the questions for the guests. This makes the interview style more fun and intimate, which allows guests to feel comfortable and open.

“My favorite part about my show is the live and raw interviews! They aren’t prepared or given their questions in advance,” said PinkLash. Without a scripted interview, the answers are more honest. PinkLash feels that this technique helps her audience connect with upcoming artists and entertainers.

PinkLash, Photo provided by Cassandra Baker

The show is the vital link between PinkLash’s current career and her career goal to have a reality show based on her life. “With everything I’ve been through in my life, I am real enough to show reality! There were so many times I screamed at the tv or had an opinion about the reality shows that portrayed the untruth,” said PinkLash. She emphasizes that her reality is based on actual life experience over the glitz and glam that seems to plague current reality shows. “My life is real! The real drama, the real betrayal, the real ups and downs, the real struggles day to day.”

She carries this attitude during City Talk as well. “My show is real reality! My content is actual celebrities or entertainers answering questions from upcoming artists and entertainers.” City Talk includes singers, rappers, actors, comedians, fashion gurus, and anyone who is working in entertainment. City Talk serves as the connection between new and established artists and entertainers.

PinkLash, Photo provided by Cassandra Baker

To rise to reality star status, PinkLash is connecting with stars to interview.

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