Jessica Jones-Williams Creates First Class Learning Academy to Inspire and Educate


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Jessica Jones-Williams Creates a Learning Academy to Inspire, Educate, and Help Students Reach Their Academic Potential

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Jessica Jones-Williams took her passion for education to the next level and created the First Class Learning Academy, an academy dedicated to helping students reach their academic potential. As educator and CEO of the academy, Williams works with the executive staff to construct individualized education plans for coaching students through remediation or college prep coursework. The academy also provides academic coaching for students between the ages of 12 and 30. 

Jones-Williams’s work with First Class Learning Academy is inspirational considering the lasting impact that she will have on the lives of the students she teaches. Her dedication to individualized education plans for her clients ensures that they get the most out of their experience and walk away with knowledge and confidence.

Via Jessica-Jones Williams

ENSPIRE spoke with Jones-Williams about her personal and professional experiences: 

How does First Class Learning Academy individualize learning for its students? 

We design a learning path or study goals based on the individual student’s needs using either an assessment, school-related reports, teacher feedback, and/or client desire to determine what is best for each student. 

Where did your passion for education come from?  

Honestly, God. The more and more I become involved in my passion and purpose, the more I realize ‌it is a gift from God. 

Via Jessica Jones-Williams

How did the pandemic affect your academy? 

The biggest impact was the economic struggle for my existing clients and any new clients that were seeking services. We offered as many discounts and scholarships as possible, but we weren’t able to accommodate everyone. 

What is your experience in education and how has it helped you to create the First Class Learning Academy? 

I currently have two Masters of Education with a clear credential from the State of California. I have taught in public schools and charter schools and worked closely with homeschool-based programs. I have been able to recognize what teachers cannot do (not because they lack desire, but because they lack time because of the demands of the system) and understand the importance of “time” that all learners should have the ability to experience. It is life-changing…empowering. This is what led to the creation of FCLA. 

Via Jessica Jones-Williams

What is the most rewarding aspect of your career in education? 

Seeing and hearing a learner finally “get it”!  To see the lightbulb come on or hear the “Ohhhhh!!!” never gets old and it is what keeps me moving forward and pursuing my passion. 

What kinds of services does your academy offer? 

We offer many services and are constantly expanding to fit the growing needs of our clients. These services range from individual (remedial or college prep), group, content-led (consist of “hot topics” or standards that are typically misunderstood), youth coaching and mentorship, and so much more! 

Via Jessica Jones-Williams

Jones-Williams’s dedication to educating our youth is quite admirable. She works hard to provide a brighter future for students and has no plans to stop anytime soon. Check out First Class Learning Academy’s Facebook and website

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