Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux: Advocate For Diversity And Women In Business


( ENSPIRE Business ) Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux Is A Powerful Black Woman In Leadership And DEI Advocacy

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux is one of the most influential and inspirational women in business that you’ll ever know. Her leadership skills in advocacy, and knowledge of business development, have given her the tools to become successful. Dr. Greaux helps people find their calling while providing opportunities to learn and grow business. 

Dr. Greaux’s education comprises a BS in Financial Management from Temple University. Next, she received her MS in Organizational Development from Fordham University. Finally, she earned a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Columbia University. She is the principal and founder of Seek Your Natural Calling Worldwide (SYNC). SYNC is a place where she helps people, brands, and businesses to achieve their goals.

With over twenty-five years of leadership expertise in DEI, business development, sales, and executive development, she has been announced as one of the “25 Most Influential Black Women in Business” according to The Network Journal (2000).

What made you want to study financial management, organizational development, and organizational leadership?

“Financial management, I was always curious about numbers and everything associated with financial literacy, like how to create wealth, especially generational wealth. I had more of an affinity toward numbers in undergrad, so I was interested to see how money works and the ecosystem surrounding it… With Organizational leadership, however, I was always fascinated with how really great leaders created cultures where people wanted to work, enjoyed the work they were doing, and felt really connected.”

Her first book, Don’t Abdicate The Throne is her goldmine of advice, which includes helpful tips to navigate a career and life from her perspective. She is passionate about helping women. Take risks and control your lives, personally and in a business fashion. Her book exhibits her advocacy for women of color who are in business. She is an advocate to advance women, diversity, and inclusion in a place of business. 

There are three important points that highlight her book. First, ask for what you want. Secondly, don’t give up your power. Lastly, be intentional and prepare yourself.

Her hard work and accomplishments thus far have been rewarded with the Professing Excellence Award from Montclair University. Her leadership and business expertise make her a role model for all black women who want to start their own companies and have an idea. She is a prime example of how success can be possible. Lisa Brooks Greaux has changed the world in how we think about women in business, diversity in the workplace, and learning how to be successful. 

What are your strategies when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace environment?

“There’s so much experience and wisdom in the workforce from people who have been in the working for decades and those who are just beginning their careers. Gen Z and Millennials are so fluent in technology and Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists bring organizational savviness and experience to the proverbial table.

To bring all that knowledge together is a great competitive advantage for any organization. We are all coming in from different perspectives and different experiences which enables us to innovate differently. Pulling people into conversations and projects helps us solve problems differently and innovate better! More perspectives also help us market differently because we are hearing from everyone.

My diversity strategy is very simple, hear from everyone and include all dimensions of diversity (sex, race, age, ability, etc) instead of a subset of people who think they have all the best ideas.

Ask for contributions, and share with us what you’re thinking, I want to hear from the person who hasn’t had the opportunity to say anything. Also, the biggest dimension of diversity, one not often thought about, is the diversity of thought. How we all perceive different things based on the experiences we’ve been through opens up different dimensions of diversity as well.”

One of the topics that she considers important is the intersection between personal and professional. When pursuing a business career or any opportunity, it’s important to be a mentor and lifelong learner. Change is a constant, educating and updating yourself is key. Anything personal can play out in your professional life. The goal is to find a career that aligns with your personal values.

With three degrees and a history of change and progression, Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux has built a foundation for all kinds of women, to show that “yes, we can be leaders and advocates for change.”

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