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( ENSPIRE Health and Wellness ) Diamond Brown Discusses her Passion for Creating Skincare Products that are Luxurious, Effective, and Aimed at a Good Cause

ENSPIRE Contributor: Julia Postell

Diamond Brown, founder & CEO of Diamond’s Body Care, created her luxury body care line out of necessity after discovering her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Her motivation for formulating hydrating, plant-based body care products grew because of not able to find a suitable product on the market to help soothe her husband’s skin because of the harsh effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The expansion of her brand has allowed Diamond to use her platform as an opportunity to hire and mentor other young women and support women’s small businesses.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Diamond Brown has created a brand for herself from the ground up, hoping to inspire many to follow their own dreams of being successful entrepreneurs. Brown’s aim is to donate 10% of her proceeds to cancer survivors, is in honor of her husband who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer. Through this journey of creating her own brand, Diamond discovered that part of her healing process involved time in her lab, continuing the work to create clean products with simple ingredients.

ENSPIRE spoke with Diamond Brown on her road to creating her own business in a competitive field and all things plant-based skincare.

Have you always had a passion for skincare and did you ever see yourself working in the skincare business?

Yes, I’ve always had a passion for skin care. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. It’s an obsession. I worked in corporate America for 16years. I always had the desire to be a full-time beauty entrepreneur. However, I didn’t think my business would financially pay for my lifestyle, boy was I wrong. I make double my salary.

What separates Diamond’s Body Care from other brands?

We’re often compared to other brands. My customers rave my brand is different not just because of the luxury unique packaging, and plant-based ingredients, but the physiological effects of how my products lift their spirit and mood when using them. Deeming my products “The Good Stuff” that they can’t live without. Those who met me in person at expos or pop-ups find that I’m down to earth. Also, I genuinely care about them and am not just out here trying to make money.

What was the process of developing your brand, was there any pushback? How difficult was it to create and launch your products on a large scale?

Developing my brand back in 2012 came with a lot of learned lessons. Such as how to price products correctly, how create professional labels, source the right packaging, etc. Scaling on a large level starts with a mindset. I had to build confidence in knowing my brand deserved to be used in spa treatments at luxury hotels on the skin of millionaires. My products are good enough to be an official sponsor at New York Fashion Week. Having those opportunities allowed me to manifest greater things for the future of my company.

What tips would you give to a woman trying to start her own successful business?

Research your industry, be intentional, and do your homework so you will understand the game and how to win it because clarity creates confidence. This will allow you to give your customers what they didn’t know they needed. People are excited about something new and willing to pay for something better. With any new business, you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Diamond’s advice to manifest your ideas and invest time into your goals is extremely vital in turning a dream into one’s own reality. Her vibrant persona and genuine nature, allow her to connect with her customers and create real connections with her brand. Diamond Brown is a true inspiration and has turned her own experience of loss and grief of her husband into something valuable and beneficial to helping many and mentoring young women with the same vision as Diamond.

The progression of small businesses owned by women has grown to 42% over the years, thanks to passionate and hardworking women like Diamond Brown, who commit their time to creating opportunities for other women and creating products that positively benefit many. 

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