Entrepreneur Fiona Frills Launches Clean Skincare Line

makeup and product photos for Frilliance. Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo, Westside Studio Images.

( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Clean Skincare Brand Frilliance is Affordable and Made by a Teen for Teens

ENSPIRE Contributor: Charlotte Drummond

Fiona Frills is a lifestyle and beauty video blogger with over 1.2 million combined subscribers on her two YouTube channels. Frills launched her brand new clean, cruelty-free skincare line called Frilliance earlier this year in mid-March. The up-and-coming entrepreneur is using her social media platform to spread awareness about using skincare products with clean ingredients that don’t ruin your skin, hurt animals, or the environment. 

Frilliance specifically targets teens who struggle with acne-prone and sensitive skin and face difficulties looking for skincare products that understand the fluctuation common in teenage skin. Frills wanted her products to be affordable, cruelty-free, and healthy for those who buy them, and she wants to lift the facade of the intimidating skincare world for younger kids who are just starting out. With a wide range of products, including pimple patches, acne-fighting concealer, and “maskne-free” face masks, Frills is noticing current trends in acne struggles in teens and providing solutions through first-hand experience as a teenager herself. 

Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo, Westside Studio Images.

ENSPIRE Magazine talked to the Frilliance founder Fiona Frills about how she hopes her brand impacts teen with acne-prone skin.

Your new skincare brand, Frilliance, is made up of clean, easy-to-use products for sensitive, acne-prone skin, which is common for teens. How did your personal experience with skincare inspire this idea? 

Great question! My personal experience with skincare brands in my tweens/13, when I was breaking out with acne, is why I started Frilliance. Most, like 99.9 percent of cosmetics brands, are created by women and men that don’t seem to have a clue about teen skin and our needs. When I looked at and researched the ingredients in these so-called popular teen products, I was shocked. Most are awful for sensitive teen skin. Then on the other end of the spectrum is clean but very high-priced products. I created a skincare makeup brand that is developed for teens (by me, an actual teen!) at an affordable and accessible price point. 

What qualities of your skincare line are what you wished you had in your first skincare products when you started experiencing acne for the first time? 

Clean ingredients that are tested as non-comedogenic — won’t clog pores and are hypo-allergenic —safe for sensitive skin. There are many ingredients that are so common that I was putting on my face then, like coconut oil. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores! But most teens don’t know this. 

Another part of transparency is having real girls as models that aren’t digitally altered. I wish more brands when I was a tween/13 had real girls for models. When struggling with your skin, you want to see others’ imperfections. I love the models I’ve worked with for Frilliance photo shoots. Real girls with all different types of skin. I’m also glad to see more brands are doing this too.

Many skincare lines have been criticized for their lack of transparency in using non-clean ingredients, animal testing, and other harmful aspects of skincare. How does your brand promote and encourage health and care for those who use your products?  

Transparency and showcasing real teen girls are a huge part of the Frilliance brand. It is very important for me that teens see real models/real skin of all types on our social media, website, and advertising. As you know, there is so much edited content on social media. We need more transparency and authenticity. Frilliance explains each ingredient we use on our website, what it is, it’s comedogenic rating and even the EWG rating. EWG is the standard for testing and educating on ingredients of all kinds. Frilliance is about authentic, clean beauty that is affordable and healthy. 

Since Frilliance is a brand made for teens and kids who are first experiencing problems with acne, your social media audience aligns well with your business audience. Why is using your platform to inspire change important for you? 

I want teens to feel empowered with information on how to take care of their skin.

TikTok (and most social media platforms) are full of teens trying to learn about their skin and how to have products and routines that promote clear skin. I want my social media to do that, along with feeling that my social media (including Frilliance) is a safe, welcoming space for all teens. Besides our skin, teens are busy with many aspects of their lives. I want to be there to support teens with confidence and more. 

What are your long-term goals for Frilliance? How do you want to add to what you already have?

Expanding Frilliance into more Walmart stores around the USA with affordable and accessible products is the top goal. We’re currently in 500 stores. I want teens to have more skincare and makeup options at their fingertips — and around the corner!. I’d like to expand to drug stores as well because these are also very accessible to teens. 

I’m working on some exciting new products for the Fall/Holiday 2022 timeframe. The products are both skincare and makeup, all clean and affordable products. 

Fiona Frills hopes Frilliance is one major way she can encourage cleanliness in skincare and a greater focus on helping to improve your skin as a teenager. As a teen herself, she wants to help normalize the ups and downs of teenage skin and provide solutions that she would like to be given herself. You can find Frilliance products in over 500 Walmart stores all over the United States and on their official website here. You can also keep up-to-date with Frilliance products and Fiona Frills’s other projects on her social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

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