Jasmine Womack Helps Authors Become Six-Figure Storytellers

Jasmine Womack - Mecca Gamble Photography 2021

( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Middle School Teacher Turned Self-Made Millionaire, Jasmine Womack is Helping Others Start Their Self-Publishing Journey

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera

Jasmine Womack is an Atlanta-area mom and a former school teacher who has earned over a million dollars on a single platform by coaching and selling books. Now, She is holding in-person intensives to show others how to do the same. After writing her first book, she learned how to market with digital platforms and made $5,000 in pre-sales alone. She could then host her own online workshop, offer business and coaching services and earn $125,000 within a year.

Womack was highlighted in the Top 10 Black History Month Hero in 2022 by Kajabi the digital content creation tech company. This happened almost a year after her book, ‘Published and Paid: Write, Self Publish and Launch Your Nonfiction Book In 90 Days Or Less’ was released. She has always had writing in her blood, learning that her paternal great-grandmother was the first Black woman in the USA to own a publishing company, Mary Lena Lewis. Womack encourages people to understand that their books and programs are about more than just them doing something but also creating a legacy for themselves and their families. She hopes that they too will learn and be able to teach others their skills on earning thousands as a self-published author. 

Jasmine Womack – Mecca Gamble Photography 2021

ENSPIRE had the chance to chat with Womack about how she became a self-published author and how you can too.

What made you want to leave teaching behind and start writing books?

I wrote my first book while I was teaching. Although I loved teaching, I could feel within my soul that my purpose extended beyond the four walls that I worked within daily. I turned my book into a service-based business and the following year made six figures in revenue. I stepped into full-time entrepreneurship at that time.

How did you feel when you learned you were in Kajabi’s Top 10 Black History Month Heroes?

Oh, I was excited! It’s a great feeling to be honored by others in your industry.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about being a self-publisher?

That a self-published author is not qualified or credible, is totally untrue. Your book needs to be quality and help someone get a tangible result in their life or business. I know many self-published authors, myself included, who have been able to make a massive impact and generate income from their books and related products and services.

Another misconception is that you have to be a good writer to write a book, which is not true. You may find that you need a writing consultant (such as me) to help you bring your ideas to life. And a great editor helps to clean up your writing.

Who inspired you to pursue writing and become a self-published author?

There was no one in particular. I’ve always been a naturally gifted writer, took the Advanced Placement English classes in High School, and excelled in college. My mother was a great writer too, and she always told me I had a gift for writing. I always knew I wanted to write a book. When I began my research, I found self-publishing an easier route to fulfilling the goal. I later discovered that my great-great-grandmother owned a publishing company in 1921. So I’d like to say that writing is a gift that has traveled bloodlines.

How do you recommend people start their self-publishing journey?

Well, writing and self-publishing are two different things. They are two aspects of the same project. When writing, get extremely clear on your topic, your focus, and your goals before you write. Clear your calendar and work on your book daily.

When you get to the self-publishing process, know that the journey is easy. It’s simply a series of small steps to take to help you get to the goal.

Womack has accomplished a lot as a self-published author and is spreading her knowledge to others hoping to help them succeed as she did. You can learn more about self-publishing in her book Published and Paid.

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