Kevin Ross’ New Single “Show and Prove” Out Now


( ENSPIRE Music ) Kevin Ross Is No Stranger To The Music Scene And That Is Evident In His New Single “Show and Prove”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera 

“Show and Prove” features a blend of mellow and deep-cut percussion combined with storytelling lyrics that make the track a hit. The track reflects on how the mind wanders and imagines when you first get to know someone and the heightened emotions that follow. Ross admitted in the song that he is present and rooted in reality rather than getting intertwined with the hypotheticals of a new romance. “Show and Prove” aims to show the real side of intimacy rather than the superficial. 

Ross’ track “Sweet Release” has held down a Top 10 position on the Adult R&B Airplay Chart. This is only one of his many songs that have held down a spot on the charts for Ross. His previous single “Look My Way” debuted at number 27 making him the first independent artist to have two Top 30 hits on the chart. 

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ENSPIRE spoke with Ross about why he wanted to become a musician, his new single, and more. 

What inspired you to become a musician?

My father sings around the DC area, so from a young age I understood the work behind every show. But that work environment always seemed fun to me. He always told me that if push comes to shove, if I couldn’t find a musician to play for me then I should be able to play for myself. 

What is the story behind your song “Show & Prove”?

“Show & Prove” is one of those records that speaks to love and life. Everybody has something to say these days. Talk about what they’re going to do, what you should do, etc. I’ve never really subscribed to that. I would much rather show you than tell you.

Who is one artist you have yet to collaborate with that you would love to have a chance to?

Stevie Wonder

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What is your favorite part of the creation process behind making music?

Producing the record is probably my favorite part right now. It’s something about the discovery process of finding what a record needs that’s fun to me. 

What was your reaction when you found out you had two songs that were on the R&B Airplay Chart? 

I didn’t realize that I had made history. I’m the first indie R&B artist with two top 30 records on R&B radio. It’s a humbling experience. 

Do you have any other new projects lined up for 2023?

Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 will be out this spring. 

Kevin Ross has a bright future ahead of him and eager fans can expect to see Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 sometime this spring. 

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