New Must-See Harlem-Based Movie “A Thousand and One”


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) This Sundance Film Festival Favorite Movie Trailer Just Dropped, and Audiences Can’t Wait to See More

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

Just this week on February 23rd, the trailer for the new movie “A Thousand and One” dropped. This film won awards at the Sundance Film Festival and earned the US Dramatic Jury Prize. Starring Teyana Taylor, Aaron Kingsley Adetola, William Catlett, and others, this film has stunning cinematography and even more powerful meaning intertwined with its Harlem-based plot. 

The trailer depicts images of a 1990s New York City, where protagonist Inez, played by Teyana Taylor, is struggling to make ends meet. Her son gets taken into foster care, where their family becomes broken. In a brave, desperate act of love, Inez kidnaps her son in order to preserve their life together. This film documents the struggles of this secret life as her son, Terry, grows older, and questions their past as mother and son.

This brilliant plot is nuanced with characters that are fleshed out in honest and poignantly beautiful ways. The trailer shows a quote from Deadline describing the film as, “A love letter to mothers, sons, and hustlers of NYC.” one highlight of the trailer stars Teyana Taylor leaning over her little son declaring, “I’d go to war for you, you know that?” This shows just how difficult a mother’s love can be.

Audiences can’t help but connect with this film, as simply watching the trailer tugs at the heartstrings and brings tears to the eyes. This movie explores how family can define one’s soul and is a gorgeous ode to families struggling everywhere. It unapologetically shows the difficulties of finding truth amidst the pain, heartache, and economic struggle that became Inez and Terry’s shared life. A drama unlike any other, this is a must-see film of the year.

On top of the leading roles, “A Thousand and One” stars Aven Courtney, Josiah Cross, Terri Abney, and Delissa Reynolds. This well-rounded cast is knit together into the complex plot which will keep audiences captivated until a heart-pounding conclusion. The film will premiere nationwide on March 31st, 2023. Until then, watch the trailer below.


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