Sara A. Crawford, Strong and Supportive Entrepreneur

Sara A. Crawford

( ENSPIRE Business ) The Fashion Industry Has Been Greatly Influenced by Sara A. Crawford’s Handwork and Assistance

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

Sara A. Crawford is one of the most successful fashion design entrepreneurs in the world. She is the Director of the Women’s Business Center at True Access Capital, which made $8 million in loan capital and has produced 4,000 jobs for passionate workers. Sara has mentored and trained over 15,000 individuals in business-related strategies and knowledge while hosting over 2,000 different programs and events. Her reach and influence have grown and has helped many new entrepreneurs who needed guidance.

Sara’s entrepreneurship became recognized after she released Anara Original in 2004. Anara Original was a wearable art that specialized in custom tutus and sportswear. The designs were featured in many popular and widespread magazines like Teen Vogue and Lucky Magazine, giving Sara’s talent in fashion a lot of recognition. It was a big start for the famous entrepreneur and her career only grew as time went on.

Her interest in fashion design started at a very young age playing with toys. “I played with Barbies, who probably had more clothes than I did, this is what I believe the beginning of igniting the spark started.” One day on a road trip to Lancaster, PA Sara stepped into a Donna Karan outlet store, with her eyes landing on a beautiful Chartreuse green-colored silk blouse. “At that moment I knew two things; 1. I needed to have this blouse and 2. I wanted to make beautiful clothes.” That is when Fashion completely sparked in Sara and from then on, she drew clothes on croquis when she should have been paying attention in class and every day after talking about being a designer in the crazy industry of fashion.

Sara A. Crawford did not become a fashion master at the beginning, but required a lot of work and practice to get anywhere. “Fashion design is a very specific art form, I had decided years ago I was going to design clothes so by the time college was an option I knew I needed the proper training to succeed in such a cut-throat industry.” Sara began building her skills in college at The International Academy of Design and Technology. While in college she was showing mini collections for indie shows hoping to enhance her skills and hoping someone would notice her designs. “After I graduated I moved to Manhattan New York and intentionally interned for a limited quantity called DCC Lab, as I knew one day I wanted to be a limited quantity brand as well.” Every fashion brand Sara worked for she learned something or a few things that she applied to her business. “Now before College and New York, there was my family. I like to think I learned a lot by watching both my parents run their businesses.” Sara’s Dad operated a window cleaning business and her Mom a catering business. Her Grandfather and Uncle also owned businesses, entrepreneurship was literally in her blood at a young age.

Sara only got so successful because she could take risks many would not. She went out of her comfort zone to achieve great heights as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her motto for achieving such success is “Don’t be afraid to give up comfortable for uncomfortable.” This motto of risk-taking is vital to all who wish to become successful entrepreneurs.

Although Sara had a passion for fashion, she grew up frequently doing community service and advocating for social causes. “I didn’t want to lose the love that I carried for either so I wanted to encompass those things within my fashion career.” Sara began curating fashion shows and events and donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations that she found important. “When I began leading a federally funded program for a non-profit I became more exposed to the social issues of business and small business owners. It’s then when I knew it was bigger than me and fashion and I used my influence and platform to advocate for minorities, those in underserved communities, and women in the small business community.”


One of Sara’s toughest challenges was overcoming her fear. But she has learned over her experience that the fear she experiences is healthy, and it is the only way for her to reach and do new things. “Even when I am nervous and unsure of the outcome I choose to move through the experience and embrace the feelings because 9 times out of 10 I land where I want.” From Fashion Designer to Strategist, she has overcome fear over and over and used emotion to define and grow her success.

Sara believes that entrepreneurship is a hard role to play in society that requires true hardship. “Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a journey about self-discovery, discipline, dedication, personal growth, and getting up after you fall.” Growth comes with lessons learned and anyone will have to apply every lesson as they grow personally and professionally. “No matter the situation, if you want it don’t overthink it, just “Press Play”.”

Sara A. Crawford has left a large impact on many in the fashion and business industries. She has taught many young entrepreneurs the skill and knowledge of business while providing programs to help those in need. The journey to success she took required a lot of work and determination, but Crawford never gave up easily. She is a noble role model who has helped many others succeed and will continue to do so.

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