Anna Dellaria Addresses Mental Health in New Released Song


( ENSPIRE Music ) “Break Me Down” Music Video Depicts Mental Health Struggles Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

ENSPIRED Contributor: Kyla Yates

Anna Dellaria, a 22 year old San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, recently released her stripped-down song and music video for “Break Me Down.”

The lyrics to “Break Me Down” describe the dark struggle of depression. Anna sings, “Demons fighting in my head
Holding tight – they want me dead
I won’t let them
No I won’t let them

“Don’t know when I don’t know how
I got fear and I got doubt
I won’t let them
I won’t let them
Break me down”

Photo: Break Me Down Music Video on YouTube

The music video features the now familiar sight of people wearing face masks, and a boy celebrating his birthday over a video call. These now common occurrences as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic fit with the music reminding listeners that we cannot let this break us down.

As Anna explains, she had her “first depressive episode after graduating college”, as she said “Everything felt… numb. I didn’t recognize myself, who I was in my relationships, and my will to work had disappeared… I had no idea why I felt so unlike myself or how I’d get through it, but I made a vow not to let this darkness define me.”

Photo: Facebook AnnaDellariaMusic

Now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna thinks the world is experiencing a similar feeling. “This invisible darkness has pushed us into a paralyzing state of uncertainty & loss of connection.”

Anna hopes that “Break Me Down” “unites us —alone together— in recognizing our resilience as a human race. Although we may be unsure of where we’re headed, we too can vow to rise and uplift in the face of uncertainty: to not allow this time to rob us of our identities, but embellish them with new layers of strength.”

As the world confronts the darkness of quarantine and COVID-19, Anna’s song encourages everyone to fight against it and refuse to let it break you down.

You can find Anna on Spotify, Instagram at @annadellariamusic, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also watch the “Break Me Down” music video here.